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How I Rise & Grind – PRIZE GIVEAWAY

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nice breakfast to rise and grind

It's a new day, and as a relationship expert if I'm going to get the most out of it then I have to start it off right. For me to rise and grind I make sure I do three things in the morning (other than wash up and get myself together). I eat a good breakfast, because it is so essential to feed the body what it needs to operate at a high level.


Make It A Morning Date!

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free mccafe coffee week

Many of you have a lot on your plate. The grind of the day leaves you exhausted and sometimes you miss out on opportunities to talk to and connect with your partner. Relationships need nurturing, and making time to sit down and talk is a great way to help things move in a better direction.


Join Me For #TheSoulMan Twitter Viewing Party Wed. 3/26/14

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the soul man live on tvland

Good TV is back! Get ready for a quality show that you can enjoy with family and friends. Join me on Wednesday 3/26/14 for the Twitter Viewing Party of the LIVE season premiere of TVland's The Soul Man. Let's watch it together and tweet about it!


His Journey From Lust To Love

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two hands making a heart

I am a fan of your page and I both enjoy and appreciate your work. I just wanted to drop my story to share with you and your fans...

I'm a 36 year old man from Boston, and even though I have always tried to be a good person, I haven't always been a good boyfriend.  

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