man shows her i love you with flowers

3 Ways To Show Her “I Love You”

Everyone likes to hear those three words “I Love You” when it is coming from the right person. It is what some women long for and can take pleasure from every time they hear it. Being able to tell her I love you is great, but it is even better when you know how to show it. Words without action can be empty. Many men can fix their mouths to say whatever a woman wants to hear. When it comes time to back it up with actions, then you can see who truly holds true to the words they spoke. So for men who truly do love their woman, the challenge is finding out how to properly show “I love you” in a way that she will receive it. You have to learn her “love language” because doing what you think is expressing love may not always line up with what she receives as love. Many women can have different languages, but here are some things I feel are universal and will at least get you moving in the right direction.

Be Considerate

One of the best ways to show “I love you” is to show her how considerate you are of her and her needs. Little things like asking her if she needs you to get anything for her on the way to the house shows you are thinking about her. If you walk in and see her cleaning, or doing any labor, asking her if she needs some help (or don’t even ask, just go help) would be a something most women would appreciate. It can also be a turn on for her, and that is definitely a good thing. Getting in tune with her enough to where you can tell when something is wrong and you actually show concern also helps. You can buy your woman all kinds of gifts, and that is cool, but it is the little things that can really make her feel like that “I love you” is for real.

Keeping her in the loop

Nothing says “I love you” like your woman having to hear through someone else where you are or what business you have been getting yourself into (obviously I am being sarcastic). I know I spoke on Independent Woman Syndrome in an earlier post, but some guys have an “I Am My Own Man Syndrome.” Once in a relationship you have to be willing to be open with your woman and make sure she is the first to know about your dealings and whereabouts. Making decisions on your own especially when they affect the both of you can contribute to negative things to come.  When she has to constantly hear things from other sources it makes her feel much less secure about the relationship and it makes her wonder what else you could be doing behind her back. It isn’t about “checking in” or being “punked”, it is about creating a more emotionally secure environment for her which definitely says “I love you”.

Take pride in your woman

You really want to show her “I love you” well don’t act funny when you are with her and an “ex” comes around. Don’t hesitate to introduce her to friends, family, or anyone that sees you with her for the first time. Don’t go from being so loving and affectionate in private but then acting like you barely know her when you have company around. She is paying attention to all of these things and even if she goes a long with it, she would be much happier if you made the proper adjustments. Your love should not be contingent on who is around, because if it is then you may need to ask yourself “do I really love her”. Showing pride and making her feel like she is the #1 woman in your life will go a long way towards saying “I love you”.

There are more universal tips but this is a good place to start. There will be different ways to show “I love you” for different women, and you should take the time to get a deeper understanding of how to tap into the love language that your woman speaks.  Love is a beautiful thing, but just saying it isn’t enough. You have to show it to mean it, and always be prepared to back up your words. Put a smile on your woman’s face today and do something the really shows her “I love you”.