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Non-Sexual Intimacy: 3 Reasons Why Men Need To Initiate It More

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To start things off let me make something very clear. If a person is not prepared to embrace the needs and genuine desires of their partner, then they shouldn’t get into a relationship. People have to understand and be willing to provide what their partner needs more of in their relationship. So with that said,it’s time to talk about what most men could initiate more of, and that is non-sexual intimacy. This may be the first time you have heard the term used, but trust it is a principle that most (if not all) women embrace. It involves any kind of intimacy that isn’t centered around sex. It can include making time to talk, cuddling, engaging in fun activities together, and so on. Non-sexual intimacy is essential in a relationship, and here are some reasons why men need to make it happen more often.

1. It makes her feel more valued.

If a man views his woman as just some glorified assistant, or sex toy…”he done messed up”. If he creates an atmosphere that makes her feel like the only time he wants to touch her is when he wants sex…”he done messed up”. The things I mentioned will make a woman feel less valued in a man’s life. That is why non-sexual intimacy is so important. It shows her that you enjoy her presence. It makes her feel like you hold her in higher regard. She will feel more secure, and it will pour the type of love and emotional fulfillment that she needs. When a woman starts to feel like she is just some interchangeable piece in her man’s life, that can kick open the door to plenty of issues. Make her feel valued, and give her the time and attention that truly speaks to her heart.

2. It can be great foreplay.

In the award-winning book How To Get A Woman To Have Sex With You…If You’re Her Husband, it emphasizes how foreplay isn’t just something you do right before having sex. It is something a man should put into practice way in advance to assist in the sexual build-up within his partner. Non-sexual intimacy plays right into that approach. When a man shows his woman that he desires her outside the bedroom, it can cause her to have a greater desire for him in the bedroom (or anywhere else they don’t mind getting down). In many cases it can really turn a woman on, and it can help eliminate any possible resentment that comes from feeling like her man just views her as a piece of meat to poke. It will also allow her to feel more comfortable and open with her partner sexually, which is a huge key to creating great sex for both parties in a relationship.

3. It can help you grow closer together.

When people mainly focus on sex, it can hinder their ability to nurture a greater foundation in their relationship; the ability to enjoy each other’s presence, and be friends as well as lovers. Non-sexual intimacy will do plenty in helping a couple bond and grow closer together. It will allow for more time to be put into getting in tune with each other. Connecting on a deeper level, and growing closer together in that marriage. Because it helps in the areas of emotional and sexual fulfillment, it will allow both parties to get what they need, and therefore create a much happier marriage. Neglecting non-sexual intimacy can drive a huge wedge between husband and wife, and that will only lead to negativity taking over that marriage. The significance of bonding continuously in marriage is huge, and certainly not something any husband should overlook.

Non-sexual intimacy may seem foreign to some, and there may be men that don’t think it’s that important. I’m here to tell you that holding on to that perspective will likely lead you into an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship. A man should be mindful of what his partner needs, and understand that what specifically speaks to her heart can vary from other women. So talk to her, as well as experiment with some things. See what works for her, and then keep it going. Providing a woman with non-sexual intimacy will put a smile on her face, and in turn it will make it even easier for her to make her husband smile as well.

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13 thoughts on “Non-Sexual Intimacy: 3 Reasons Why Men Need To Initiate It More”

  1. And again you are hitting it on the head. The greatest foreplay indeed. If a man holds back just enough to become bate the we don't feel like a piece of meat. Switch it on us I like to be teased. Hold back a kiss let me kiss you. But reach in I will do the rest

  2. Anonymous123

    Hi, your post is really good and I definitely think it’s true. I’ve been married for only 3 and a half months now and I’m already bored. I don’t find my husband very interesting, he has almost no hobbies or interests apart from religion (which I cannot talk about all the time, I’m sure most people would agree that religion is not the most interesting conversation topic). I, on the other hand, have quite a few hobbies and interests, none that I can get him interested in though. I love sports, board games of all different types, cooking, health and fitness, reading etc but I can’t even get him to watch a movie with me (he is strict in his religion so yeah) and he’s not interested in cartoons (which I am since I’m fairly young, but there’s not exactly a huge age gap between us as he’s 5 years older than me) I would love to go for walks in parks or something but the weather is quite cold at the moment and he absolutely hates the cold. He is also very busy as he is working and studying at the same time, so he doesn’t have a day off throughout the week. I feel like he’s not compromising in this relationship, and I’m sure it’s not normal for it to be like this so early in the marriage! Many a times I’ve asked him if he wouldn’t mind just wrapping up well so we can go for a short walk together, but to no avail. Also, I love having conversations with the people I’m close to, I’m sort of like a nerd so I enjoy talking about science, but I understand that’s not for everybody so I try to find out what he likes to talk about, but again, nothing apart from religion. I also enjoying talking about human behaviour and psychology but he seems to think I’m crazy in how deep I think. I wish I could just have a decent conversation with him but he is not very receptive, so even if I try to start a conversation with him, it ends very quickly since he doesn’t add much to it and I start to feel like I’m just talking to myself! I like vintage he likes modern, I like nature and landscapes, he likes tall buildings and cityscapes. The more I find out about him, the more different we seem and it just makes me feel more and more like we have absolutely nothing in common. I want him to give me his attention and to show that he’s very interested in me as a person, my likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests etc I’ve told him this straight up, but he just doesn’t seem to get it. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know what my favourite colour is. He has never even gotten me a gift apart from on our wedding day when he bought me a perfume, I don’t even like perfumes! I feel like he doesn’t truly love me even though he says he loves me (quite excessively in my opinion). Please help me, he’s a good person but I’m just not sure he loves me enough to be putting in the effort to make this relationship work. I try and do everything I can for him, but I feel like he’s doing nothing for me. I really want this relationship to work and I know I have to do my part, and I do believe I am. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but he says I am perfect. He says he loves me so much, but I fail to see his actions prove his statements. I feel like I’m not getting the non-sexual intimacy that I need. I’ve even made him read this article since it was pt on, but I don’t know whether he doesn’t understand or he chooses not to understand because he can’t be bothered to put in the effort. I have also read your article about men who just say “I love you” a lot without showing it and he seems to be one of those men. I feel like our roles have been reversed since I find it hard to express love verbally and prefer to show it through actions, whereas he only expresses it verbally and physically (which always leads to sex because he wants it). Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much

    1. Preshuzb

      I’m sorry and don’t mean to be rude but why did you marry him? You didn’t know all of this before you got married? My heart goes out to you…

    2. CJ

      Please do not give up on your marriage. It takes a lot of time to work and study. I have been there.It seems as if you did not take enough time to know him so be patient and I believe you will see a difference

    3. Anonymous

      Seems you did not know him so well before getting married. Did you meet via social media? Seems you did. In any case, i will advice you to hold out on starting a family (having children) with him. Study him, and relationship, for a few years. If after 2 years you still can’t see any change in him towards you, make your move. Ending a relationship is less complicated without children #ijs

    4. Elsa tavares

      I been there & I know the pain hurts with no time to be ending, but , we have to be strong & have faith,
      one advice

      Get the piece papel in write from the front side
      All the things that he does that make u unhappy,

      & from back side all the things that he does that make u happy

      & them do the math & c if is really worth it.
      i can c that u r very intelligent women, out there is a lot for intelligent people, being happy it double ur health, we have all to be happy but sometime we choose to be very unhappy, don’t disappoint ,we have to suffer to learn a lesson
      I hope the prob r now solve
      All the best

  3. Jeann

    I don’t get it… I have to beg and plead to get sex and I do everything from book advice to prone like advice but he’s still too tired or not feeling well or just not interested… I’m pretty sexy and can either be the aggressor or sub so I don’t get it… he says it’s not anyone else and that I’m very sexy and beautiful so what’s up???

  4. CindyRodgers

    Sexually I am very accommodating to my husband. Not only am I sexually attracted to him but I also know that it’s important for me to meet his needs regardless if I’m in the mood.
    I could be wrong but I think I get the short end of the stick here. I won’t go on I could prove my point but I’m not going to do it.
    I sent him this article and I swear the only thing he got out of this was I do not want to have sex anymore.
    He said that he read it. But I know him he skimmed it.

  5. Anonymous

    I just recently got married and found out that my new husband has ED! I knew when I got into the relationship with him that he was a full time caretaker of his mother, which he always said leaves him exhausted..So this is why I never pressed the issue. He is now telling me that I was naive to assume that when u get married that I should expect sex. He also told me that marriage was created to procreate and we are pass the age to procreate. I’m only 45 and if I haven’t had surgery I could carry a child, and he is 54 and I advised him that if he didnt have ED he could make a baby until he is about 90 years old. I haven’t been married long but I am looking to get this annulled. I do not want to be in a sexless marriage. He told me that there is not much he can or will do because sex is just not a priority at this moment. And he cant walk around worrying about something that he cant control(he has diabetes)!!! Its so freaking frustrating when this is my honeymoon phase and there is nothing happening in the bedroom. No I dont get any foreplay because he says he is too exhausted to do that too. He says I should have discussed this with him before we got married. Believe I noticed that we never had sex when I tried to initiate it he always said he was exhausted!! I simply thought he was tired I never thought he had ED!!! ..This man has certainly opened my eyes. NEVER AGAIN!!! GOTS TO DO MORE Research!!!

  6. Charlew

    My relationship has only been sexually kind to me about 3 – 4 times a.year for a long time, been married since 01, and I feel like our relationship is to the point of no return. We have 5 kids , which is the the reason I’m still here. When I ask for the dreaded SEX word i feel like I only get a rotation of excuses why i cant. I’ve asked her 1000 questions about the pro lem, bought libido pills, asked her to go to the doctor, i was even about to leave a couple years ago with a apartment ready to go
    I told her i was walking away from our relationship because i didn’t want to cheat on her again
    Yes she knows and when I did it was because of the lack of sex and constant excuse that pushed me away. And yet we decided to stay together and the exact same issue is here again. I worked out of town for awhile in the oilfields of Texas and never cheated, but often thought about it. I guess the point of me typing this is I’m very frustrated, and as I look back there may have been times when I was depressed and didn’t even realize it . My frustration at this point feels normal. I feel stuck. Today is our 20th Anniversary and here I am sitting her thinking about walking away. There is a lot more I could type but that’s it for now.

    Everyone be Blessed

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