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Oral Sex: Give Her What She Needs!

woman smiling in bed for oral sex

We’re talking oral sex so let’s get straight to it. I am surprised by the amount of married men that do not see the greatness of giving their wives oral sex. Look we are all adults so don’t get all uptight. I want to help many of you reading this have more fulfilling relationships and sexual pleasure plays into that. If you are a guy and have yet to embrace giving your woman oral sex, well today is the day my friend.

If any man has uttered the words “that’s gross” or “ewww” while reading this, I hope you are willing to put that mentality behind you and open your mind. Allow me to help you begin to understand why you need to pleasure your woman with oral sex.

At least 70% of women don’t reach an orgasmic climax through intercourse alone.

That’s right, you can be much more effective with your tongue than you can be with your “tool”. Don’t get me wrong, there are some woman who prefer penetration over oral sex but there is no doubt that if you know what you are doing down there, you can have a great impact on a woman’s sexual satisfaction. Not to mention that by properly implementing oral sex, you can enhance the sexual experience while you are engaged in vaginal intercourse. This is simply a great way to bring most women pleasure and to increase their ability to have an orgasm. Because truth is, no man is going to be on top of his game every sexual experience. So it is necessary to do all that you can to satisfy her which will increase your frequency of sexual activity and make it much more enjoyable for the both of you.

Tongues don’t need Viagra.

Really, have you ever heard of an impotent tongue? I don’t see any male enhancement drugs for it either. Why? Because it comes built to last buddy, so put the damn thing to work. You don’t have to worry about all the extra things that can play into it being ineffective. You just have to learn how to use it properly on your woman and you are good to go. So why not take advantage of that through oral sex? Some of you are going to war with a knife when you have a machine gun locked and loaded. If you have a “small knife”, well that is even more reason to utilize the big guns. I could continue to emphasize this point but I am sure you get it. Use the tools you are given to enhance the sexual experience for her, or risk having your woman become less interested and willing to engage in sexual activity with you.

This was just an introduction to this topic of oral sex. You can look forward to future post diving deeper and getting into technique, reasons why men choose not to give oral sex, etc. I’m sure some of the men are thinking “why is this man trying to advocate for pleasuring these women but not for us”. Well, I will address oral sex as it pertains to women giving it as well in a future post. I just decided to first attempt to help men develop a mentality that focuses on pleasing your partner and focusing more on her needs. When you become a giver you enhance the things that you will then be able to receive. Taking care of her sexual needs is as much for you as it is for her. Being selfish isn’t going to make things better or more fulfilling. You may get what you want today but you will eventually pay a price that you will not be happy with. Changing that attitude will do you wonders and a willingness to please her with oral sex can be a step in the right direction.

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83 thoughts on “Oral Sex: Give Her What She Needs!”

  1. Mimi Email

    If there’s no oral sex, then we can’t do it…

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Lol I see you aren’t playing any games : ). I have heard plenty of men say that, but don’t usually hear that from a woman. 

  2. Pooblyshus39

    No Comment!:-)~smile~

    1. StephanLabossiere

      I will take that as you must really like this post lol ; )

      1. Pooblyshus39

        I comend you on the conversation and going so deep with it. But I think I’ll stick with no comment, because GUD gurls neva tell!!…lol ;-)~E2ESMILE~

      2. Pooblyshus39

        I commend you on the conversation and going so deep with it. But I think I’ll stick with no comment, because GUD gurls neva tell!!…lol ;-)~E2ESMILE~

  3. Melloconrado

    CONGRATULATIONS,,,un gran tema,que todos creemos dominamos y solo como machotes vivimos engañado,este alticulo debe ser traducido y publicado en su total esncia  EN ESPAÑOLgran valor el tuyo al publicar esto,y concientisar tantos honbres sobre todos HISPANOS que descuidan la mujer en honor al machismo sin preguntarle a sus pareja que les place en una relacion,Dios te bendiga ,pues  de los que lean este articulo,muchos seran lo que salvaran sus matrimonios,,,

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Muchas gracias, realmente lo agradezco. Después de ver tu comentario y algunos comentarios de otros lectores estoy estudiando hacer mi sitio visible en muchos idiomas.

  4. Joelle Paule

    Dang Stephan, you went IN on this one… I like 🙂 Gentlemen please read and apply, it can only be better if you go down LOL Just saying.

    1. StephanLabossiere

      This is just the beginning ; ) I will be diving deeper into the subject in future post. Glad you like it. 

      1. Joelle Paule

        **Clearing throat** I just never knew you were talking about “deep things” related to sex too. Now I need to put my grown woman robe on before I read it LOL Great job though 🙂

      2. Laura Ann

        Far as I got was “diving deeper”…..haha Whooo 😛

  5. Karmah

    “tongues are built to last” lol. you tell em stephan! great dialogue, great post! i look forward to many more blogs on this topic.

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Thanks Karmah, the other blogs on this topic are going to be very interesting ; )

  6. Kenneth69soltis

    Yeah u r so right females luv dat licked… But it takes 2 to get a party started 69 is all the way … Lick it befor u stick it lol … ; ))

    1. StephanLabossiere

      lol I feel you, but sometimes just focusing on giving is a great thing. 

  7. Jashema84

    I love it! I’m a reader & I’ve never heard of your book stated above I will be making a trip to Barnes & Nobel…great title very catching!

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Thank you very much, and the book is fairly new. Only some of the Barnes & Nobles are carrying it, but you can definitely find it online.

  8. Iris

    Thanks for this article. I was laying in bed w my bf and he asked me what I was reading and I read this to him. At first I thought he didn’t care but when we made love it was amazing! I’m gonna read your articles before bed from now on lol…

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Lmao! that is too funny. 

    2. sidinsidious

      hahaha. They have become coffee evening subjects for me. I love it:)

  9. sidinsidious

    This is a good topic that many shy away from.. for myself either way an orgasm comes naturally just by intercourse period..blow on me the right way i’m baked..multiple x’s 🙂 seriously, but there are women that need as well as desire to have that variety of oral stimulation incorporated into their experiences of sex. There are many women who have never even experienced an orgasm as well as some that also find it difficult to reach a satisfying sexual climax without oral sex.

    I think it deepens the sexual intimacy and takes one into another realm of satisfaction. Also, as well as we ladies want that vigorous shot of “tongue power” we have to “return the favor” to the gentlemen too..I’m sure that will be another conversation of topic..  B Well everyone…//Sid 

  10. Imafirestarteratl

    I can’t agree enough. Having a man take care of me through oral sex is seriously one of my favorite parts of sex. I orgasm pretty easily because i know myself very well but oral sex is a gift that takes everything to the next level. The man im sleeping with now will literally stop having sex and start eating me out throughout sex… it really blows my mind n makes me feel very special … n need i say… orgasmic!

  11. I am so surprised that a couple could marry with oral sex being a taboo expression of a man’s desire for his woman (and vice versa). Lick.Switch.Repeat.

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Yes there are many married couples that either don’t engage in it at all or not nearly as much as one may assume.

  12. Diamondbutterfly357

    this should b mandatory reading at 18

  13. Luvbug

    My husband is an island. Man and no that he is married to me I want it done more like need it done and he refuses it’s sickening cuz what woman won’t need that in her life but I guess he is culturally scared

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Yes being from an island background, I know that culturally some take issue with oral sex. I do think there is hope but you have to learn what buttons to push. Also do not complain about your desire for him to do it, express it in a loving and seducing manner to have a better chance of it happening.

      1. Heidi Lark

        lots of island men do it – u just let him get away with not doing it, lol

  14. I go “downtown” first and even though I’m an experienced driver, I love it when she tells me when turn left or right and when to speed up or slow down. Her pleasure is what gives me pleasure.

  15. iTylerA

    I agree with this article completely and whole heartedly. The saying had always been it’s better to give than receive and in my personal experience it’s always been my preference. If you like the woman the way you say you do, why not do anything you can to please her? The kicker is, I found and read this article not 5 minutes after I finished giving a girl oral lmao

  16. TheTruthKills

    The only women who should receive oral are wives or girlfriends of at least 6 months. Other than that the tongue stays in my mouth. 

  17. Mosesjustmoses

    Whoa,  this subject is taboo in many areas. Sadly. Giving your woman head is one of the MOST SELFLESS (SEX) acts you might be able to do for her! Unless, like me, you love going down on her!  In addition, a guy gets “front row view” on anatomy. LOL. It means, I trust you babe, cause I’m going where no other guy (while we are monogamous) should be going; Let me do this for you; I can do this all night; and more can be said. Guys, remove your glasses, and enjoy fresh honeydew in the shower, laundry room, kitchen. It’s market fresh everywhere!

  18. Good Article! Good subject, I be dam if I don’t eat no cookies! I aint given my woman no reason to leave, especially for anything sexual! As a matter a fact, I just got through!

  19. Rustinal2010

    OOOHHH YEAHHH…There’s just nothing like drinking from the ‘Furry Cup’, turns me on just thinking about it!
    Put it this way, for me, i’d rather give me wife oral sex & make her climax in my mouth, that gives me MORE sexual pleasure than having her give me oral sex!

  20. Tiffanythomas4

    I care about him being pleased so I’ll yield and allow it but honestly, I hate sex without oral.

  21. guest

    My name is, never my name. I approve this message.

  22. kghadage-patil ghadage-patil

    so useful for us

  23. kghadage-patil ghadage-patil

    At The Time of foreplay we must have concentrate on his face reading 

  24. Dangerousspyda

    I just had that conversation with a friend last week… If you don’t do me then I will not do you… I’m just saying…

  25. WSHHCan21

    Good job…now my girl is harassing  me to go down on her -_-

    1. Lmao! Well you could have her read this article -> to level the playing field

        1. Wow! I have never seen that before. That really sucks for you or actually in this case it “doesn’t suck” lmao. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist

          1. WSHHCan21


  26. Laura

    Let them know Stephen, It’s a beautiful thing…lol!!!

  27. Too much improper independence and too many unnatural perversions are being reccommended to and admitted into society today. Thus, in this world we now live in, the quality of living is not what it use to be.

      1. Bikers2

        Throat & mouth cancer is on the rise due to this. Fact.

        1. Heidi Lark

          shut the f up – so I guess your remedy is don’t do it, lame-o – testicular cancer is up too but that don’t stop you from bumping your boy n the butthole…

          1. Bikers2


  28. NeNa Preciosa

    Straight to it, I strongly agree! Never been with someone who said eww or gross, but for those of you who feel that way, it’s ok there’s always someone else out there that would handle your lady and will be more than happy to.

  29. Cynt

    Oral sex is REQUIRED for me to reach my climax. Without it I fake the orgasm. I’ve learned to accept it.

  30. Charlene Strickland

    Wow! Nice to have a man address this issue. Personally I've never insisted on it because most men don't like performing oral sex. I don't have any problems performing it on a man one bit. Know what I'm doing and his "feedback" excites me. I'm currently single and been living a celibite life. Hope next male friend will sexually free to try different things within reason.

  31. Trina

    wow ! this was written two years ago.

  32. Araic

    Ive been married for 4 years and my husband has only done it twice. Lol oh well

  33. Wilda Maymi

    the book of Solomon talk about sex , you need to please her ,like she has to please him. but both have to enjoy each other .

  34. Mmmm! Yes I can say that as a now married woman, my husband was the first person to EVER make me see "fireworks" while engaging in oral. It is so worth it if he knows how to manipulate the tongue action!! 🙂

  35. Mel

    My man is jamaican and refuses to do it, he says it’s dirty and disgusting (because women are naturally self cleaning down there) I am a very clean person, but he hardly uses his fingers ‘down there’ let alone his tongue. Sex with him is all about him lol

    1. Heidi Lark

      he is gay..and just needed visa…oh and a beard…and your money – lose him

  36. I really need a T-shirt or bumper sticker that says, "Tongues don't need Viagra." LMBO…love that caption!!!

  37. Korinne M Jackman

    Read “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner. Great information for both men and women.

  38. Guest

    there is nothing take kamagra enjoy you own life

  39. Bikers2

    Throat & mouth cancer is on the rise due to this

  40. Renee Rachelle Williams

    That works for me Stephen.

  41. Naomi Rasmussen Pask

    Thank God, a man who not only gets it but it shouting out to all men to understand that hello? It works!!

  42. georgepark

    I give my wife oral sex as often as I can. I never used to. Now she begs for it, screams ‘oooooooooooeeeeeeeeeee’ as I paralize her with my tongue, I can go on forever and she rarely asks me to stop. Her legs buckle, her hips gyrate, she comes over and over. WOW. Nothing has ever made me happier than to see her desires fulfilled.

  43. Jennifer

    Heck I’m lucky that I get any of that And I’m not an ugly person ( not being conceded ) but heck our sex last 5 minutes. He gets his and I never do.

    1. Jennifer

      So sad so sad. And I even do the head thing

  44. toshatosha8

    Humm I wouldn’t have guessed she’d be a coc sucker…lol
    btw, has anybody used ?!

  45. Acrosbliao X

    I love going down on my wife. In my mind there is nothing that turns me on more than orall sex. Pity in my case its more of a oneway thing. I go down about average twice to three times a week. I recieve maybe about once or twice a year. She just dont like it. She have bad gag reflexes and a small mouth and her jaw hurts so as much as I want I cant expect her to do something she dislikes.

    Back to topic. I love pleasuring her. I basicaly start with foreplay and swop from oral to penetration until she gets an orgy then when every inch of her body is super sensitive we get the passionate cuddling sex going till we pass out from exhaustion.

    I dont mind oral sex. She can sit on my face, ride my face, ride my tongue. Honestly nothing more enjoyable than licking and french kissing her down there.

    1. Acrosbliao X

      Anyway I see its an 5 year old topic

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