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Head Please: Giving Him The Benefits of Oral Sex

black woman kissing man on head

The ladies got their oral sex, and now it is time for the men to get ours. That’s right women; we are talking about giving your husband some “head”. It is only right, and as you will learn today it is also good for the both of you. Surprisingly there are men out there that do not want or care for oral sex. Yes I know some of you are shocked but it is true. We won’t dive into that today though; let’s just focus on those that love it and why you ladies should give it. Side Note: in an attempt not to use very vulgar words I will be using the word “head” a lot, which for those that don’t know means oral sex. I could use “fellatio” or “oral sex” instead, but I like “head” better : ).

Giving head saves lives

I’m not joking people, the health benefits are many. Giving that man “head” can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and even lower the risk of colon and prostate cancer. I mean you can do all that with no medication, just some good old-fashioned “head” : ). There are more benefits but should not the improved health of your partner be enough motivation ladies (for any of you thinking “if I have to give him head, then he can die for all I care”…you are just plain evil, but I forgive you). Aside from health it does enhance the sexual experience for many men. For some, sex without head is like eating a sandwich with no meat (unless you are vegetarian of course). So why not fulfill him sexually with what he desires which is extra motivation for him to do the same for you. Back to the health, there are even benefits for women that take their “head giving” abilities to a higher level (i.e. “catching” or “swallowing”) but we will explore that more in a future post. Just know that you greatly increase his health by doing this simple act : ). So what are you waiting for? Go play nurse and “tend” to your husband.

There is power in the tongue

Well not necessarily your tongue, more like your whole mouth : ). Some of you women do not realize the power in giving great head. Don’t believe me? Go ask your husband for some amount of money he would probably say no for. After he says no, now go give him some head and ask again. You still may not get the money, but he will think twice lol : ). Ask him while you are doing it, and the man might just throw his whole wallet at you. A man becomes a lot more willing when he is getting it good sexually. Some of the things he may nag you about are many times just manifestations of his sexual frustration with you. So if you would just “put it in your mouth” he would probably shut the hell up. See that, you can save his life and your sanity all in one shot. It really doesn’t get better than that. Not to mention that if your man is a lover of getting some head, then you don’t want to neglect him of that desire. It can cause unnecessary issues, and as his lover you should want to be the woman that gives him all that he desires and needs (sexually and otherwise). When you are truly that woman, trust that is a position of great power that you will find plenty of benefit in.

So there you have it ladies, some of the benefits of oral sex.  If you appreciated when I wrote in favor of you receiving oral sex, then you should respect when I tell you reasons why you should also be giving. I make a lot of jokes but in all seriousness oral sex is all about adding to the sexual experience. Many men love it, and many women need it. When you are married you should always be willing to do things that can help add to your partner’s sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. I know there will always be some lines we just don’t feel comfortable crossing, but oral sex is one that most would agree is a good line to cross.

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89 thoughts on “Head Please: Giving Him The Benefits of Oral Sex”

    1. StephanLabossiere

      ; ) thanks Candice

  1. Ginger

    I agree go a “head” and satisfy your man!! Nothing like that little noise he makes when it gets really good to him….good read and spot on

    1. StephanLabossiere

      lol thank you very much Ginger, glad to see you agree : )

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Thanks Terrill, I appreciate that

      1. @hines thank you. i can’t say i am a pro but he has no complaints lol. ladies, also to keep your mouth from getting tired practice open and closing your jaws and exercising your tongue when no one is watching. also ice numbs the throat 🙂  

        1. Catina

          I love this article. Been talking about this to my niece recently. I give My Husband head on a regular basis and it just makes our sex life more exciting and passionate. Ladies Please take this article serious.

  2. Joelle Paule

    Well well i was wondering when this was going to be posted and here it is. Lol i agree bout some men not liking the head i dated one of those rare ones and trust me i was happy. I agree with ur post Stephan, give him that pleasure, u can only beneficiate from it(talking for myself) 🙂

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Lol at “I was happy”…so he let you off the hook. Yes it can be beneficial for both parties involved. 

  3. I totally agree. A woman who knows her man will definitely know when he needs to relieve stress and I think it keeps him calm during your time of the month too. Any man who has a steady woman or wife should not be jacking off because that means you are not doing your job. Good head giving is a skill and to keep you and him from getting bored with the traditional ‘up and down’ try massaging the area underneath his sack, do a salt and pepper shaker like twist at the base while you suck and if you trust him and he is healthy you can also swallow every now and then. I have been happily married almost 13 years and good communication is a must in finding out what he likes sexually. 

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Maybe I should get you to teach a class lol. I’m sure your husband is very happy with you lol.

      1. i dont rep it ..i am it.. Hip

        oh man i wish my girl was the same.. love her to death but im useto chicks sucking my dick like its nothing.. i dont want to settle with next to no blow jobs sorry but i just cant do it and im not a cheater.. but its def a #dealbreaker for me. im trying to be nice and sincere about it but its not working and i dont want to make someone do something they dont want to do. like ffs this is frustrating.
        when we first hooked up id go down 2 times a day if not more.. ive only had 2 full blow jobs over the last few months.. i may be shallow but i cant change how im feeling.. i need a full bj once a month straight up. i keep giving hints but its not working AT ALL . now shes getting fat and still not sucking dick, what the fuck is that? everyone knows that fat chicks suck crazy dick so now i got a fat chick thats not even giving me head.. how do i pretty this shit up so i dont seem like an asshole. i love sex but to keep my sex drive high i need to jerk off sometimes and get head. well see how it goes but its seriously bothering me cus i wont be able to do long term relationship like this. im seeing ugly dudes get more bjs than me right now.. fucking pissed.

        1. Cougarman

          Drop her. I’m married and in the same boat. Don’t make the mistake, it won’t get better you’ll have to cheat. Do you in turn eat pussy. If not go stand in a corner and think about your priorities.

    2. Hinesdominique82

      It sounds like you fo know what u are talking about….. You man is blessed.

    3. Joelle Paule

      Please I need to be in this class you are teaching then. This is very interesting to hear from a woman. She is telling us what to do. A class please girl LOL

    4. Rustinal2010

      Damn girl, now that’s a turn on!

    5. Antonio Brown

      Thank you….so true…if she was a real women no man should ever have to jack off to porn unless its to release a load in her mouth or face…..preach my sister!!!!

  4. Miranda J.

    This was a great article. I must agree making your man happy is important. You don’t want him to go looking elsewhere or him to be unsatisfied.

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Most definitely and thank you very much.

  5. Crazy4trac

    Ok, call me weird, but, I agree with this post ONLY if the two are married. If you’re single or in a relationship doing this I feel its disgusting, & gross. When I am in a exclusive relationship, and before I get into one, I tell the dude straight up not to expect sex, head or nothing-they have to work for it and I don’t give it up easy. So they have four choices, leave, (if thats all they wanted) wait on me and respect my decision, jack-off until marriage, or wait until we’ve been together long enough to make love (when I know for sure that he’ll still be with me after I give myself to him). Im not with pleasing a guy sexually just because he’s in a relationship with me & has the title of “boyfriend”. Thats for the birds and I don’t respect guys who demand sex or head in a relationship from a woman but isn’t willing to accept any of her demands/standards. Ill do everything else to make sure he’s happy with me in a relationship just nothing sexual until I’m or we both are ready. @KitaB Im sorry but I have to disagree. I currently have someone, and we have been together almost 5months and he doesn’t really care or trip about head (in a relationship) and has told me so himself and he is happy with me. Call me old fashioned, but i feel there’s more to a relationship than sexual acts..Im not really a ‘i need & have to have sex’ kind of person either. I come from a single parent christian home background (she has since remarried) and it was barked to me that sex is bad before marriage don’t do it guys only want sex and are willing to do anything to get it blah blah I am the way I am because of that and also because of my own experiences. 

    1. StephanLabossiere

      You are not weird at all. If you notice at the beginning of the article I say ”
      That’s right women; we are talking about giving your Husband some “head”.” So I am definitely ok with the position that this should be in marriage. If a woman and man want to wait tillmarriage to have sex, then I applaud that. I think if more people could take that route it would be great. I am one who believes if a man finds the “right” woman, he will accept waiting more than he thinks.

  6. Ms. Marie W.

    I recently just started giving head to my boyfriend but he’s given it to me plenty of times. When we first dated he offered to do it without getting it back because he knew how i felt about it at that time. But he loves it. We even done a “69” which was new and very arousing and fun for me. My first time was o.k according to him. I want to get better at it. What’s funny is im very wild and spontaneous when it comes to sex i love trying new positions and new places 🙂 I LOVE SEX lol…  Im just a little “icky” when it comes to giving head, Odd Right? I don’t know why, it’s obviously sort of backwards… But what do men like while getting head? As far as tongue movements and hand movements? I know every man has his different desires. But I just want some tips. I think that should be your next story 🙂 lol. However this story was great! Very informing as well 🙂 I was a little skeptical about giving head and I once said in my past that I would never do it,obviously I have changed my mind. This story definitely helped me see a little clearer than before 

    1. vee

      Try breath mints or mouthwash to spice things up. You can also use ice. Since he said the first time was just ok maybe you can practice giving head using a pickle, popsicle, or anything that you can lick or suck on. These are just some tips that have worked for me

      1. Ms. Marie W.

        Ok thank you so much. I will definitely try those next time. I love trying new things.  What about deep throat? Is that for everyone? I tried it and almost threw up lol. Is there a way you can get better at it or is it specifically for people who have no gag reflex..

    2. StephanLabossiere

      That is not odd at all. It is very normal for people to enjoy sex but be hesitant when it come to oral sex. As far as what men like, it really depends on your partner. One day I will see about doing an article that does list different pointers, and then as a couple they can be tried and determine which works best for those two people. 

    3. Joe

      Ms. Marie W. , I personally know of several times that a woman did not take care of her guy in this way and he was stolen away by a lady who knew EXACTLY what he needed !! Knowing how to take care of business makes all the difference in a relationship !! No matter her age, a woman should know whats important in a relationship !!

  7. Bruklyn

    but what if you’ve never giving head before and you’re nervous about what you do? like, I want to pleasure my boyfriend but I don’t want to mess up..

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Well first let me say that I don’t stress the need to do it unless you are married. now if you still choose that this is something you want to engage in then being open and honest about your nervousness helps, and at some point you just have to do it. nobody is perfect at anything the first time. Just taking a relaxed approach and allowing yourself to be comfortable will help.

  8. Cali Mango

    This article left me speechless!You’re funny but you’re right.It’s 2012 you either get with it or he’ll get it from else where it’s just that simple!LOL @the comments!YOU GONE LEARN!!!

    1. StephanLabossiere

      : ) glad you enjoyed it.

  9. Marcy

    If a woman know how to give  SOME GOOD HEAD like myself …give him head everyday unexpected

  10. Pooblyshus39

    How do you deal with the taste and gag reflex without throwing up.lmbo.. Do any one of you women know the answer to this?? Some of my friend girls and I would like to about the vocal change, some women lose their ever happend to just keeping it simple: whips, chains and handcuffs. I still like scratching backs!! That will stimulate men..lmbo. Maybe we do need help on this end…lmbo..HELP!!

    1. Nikimarie9200

      Vocal change? Sweetie nothing about giving him head should chanu
      ge or make you lose your voice. And if you take it slow then there won’t be any gag reflex. Point is, there’s nothing wrong with giving head. It’s actually quite fun and can be a turn on to yourself.

      1. Chuck

        A female friend once told me in confidence that she has always swallowed semen and she was 63 when she told me that. She also strongly asserts that it has helped keep her slim and clear skin. She looks about mid forties and is still quite beautiful ! She has been giving BJ’s since her teens ! I have heard before that some women believe it to be very beneficial.

    2. Carla(:♥

      Just spit out (keep a trash can by your guys side!)

      1. Pooblyshus39

        lol.Great tip! Never thought of that!.. Mann. I really need to update my  

        1. PrydeWater

          Not for any personal gain, but I have to wonder if you’re even old enough for this conversation.

    3. Traceywrght

      The taste is all dependent upon his diet. A man with a clean heathy diet should not have a bad taste. If the taste bothers you try a breath strip before you give him head. Gagging means you have inserted too much in you mouth at once. To limit how deep a man goes place you hand around the penis directly under your mouth. When you go up and down you can take as much or as little by moving you hand up or down. Hope this answers your question.

      1. Pooblyshus39

        I know it took me a while to respond, but I sure like the answers that was givin. Thanks ladies. Yes in perfect detail Kita. Make sure you safe me a seat in your class 

  11. CJ

    Coach Stephan Labossiere …my hat goes off to you for writing an article that is so “hush hush” in our society (unfortunately). Refreshing article about something that ultimately can be so rewarding, intimate and pleasing for both. My opinion, many woman and men need to take care/be more open/creative to the needs of each other when it comes to expressing our sexuality. 

    1. StephanLabossiere

      I’m glad you enjoyed and appreciated my article : ). I definitely agree with your statement. I’m hoping that by helping create better relationships we can also help create better sexual fulfillment as well.

  12. Before even knowing this, I had done of lot research on this and when I tried it on my husband he surely enjoy it so I was trying to figure out what the purpose of it and now I totally do. I think it a great pleasure for every husband to feel please from their wife from doing this!

    My only question is anal sex is good for marriage beside just oral sex?

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Well it always depends on the two people involved. If one or the other has a desire for it then the couple should be able to discuss it openly and without negative judgement. Many people hide there desires from their partner and it only creates more issues. Being open and honest will help move the relationship in a better direction and allow the couple an opportunity to properly address the issue or desire.

  13. Mixedfilipina84

    Mmmm that is right and I love to give fellatio it turns me on while doing it. I never let a man ask me to do it I just do it on my own in early in the morning is the best time men wake up so hard they will enjoy their day if they get some before work. Wink winks

  14. CAP10 CAPS


  15. Rustinal2010

    Giving head saves life…LMFAO..HA HA HA …That’s got to be the best excuse for a BJ i’ve ever heard..classic!
    As for the need for a man to relieve stress, What? You need a BJ for that?…Nah, worse comes to worse, i’d just ‘Choke The Chicken’
    It’s beats cheating, getting pissed off with my Mrs or, sticking my ‘Love Muscle’ in some other womans mouth, after all, i wouldn’t know how many other men she’d ‘Relieved Stree For’ would i?

  16. Bmhardinbooks

    I couldnt jave said it better myself!! Ladies look, the saying “what one wont, one will” is def something men today live by. Hate it or love it…thats just the way it is. Putting your mouth on him pumps up his ego makes him feel like the “king” that he should. Its a way to show you love him…all of him and your willing to please him in anyway you can, no questions asked! And when you do it you have to actually enjoy it! Doing it with joy in your heart actually does affect the way your mouth and tongue cooperates! So ladies try this: send ya man to the store or wait up for him to get off of work. Be at the door on your knees waiting on him to walk in. And from there give him the business! Youll have the perfect man for a few days lol until its time to do it again!

    1. Jerome Bryant

      The sad thing is it shouldnt even have to come to that. I’ve never had this issue until now. Im 35 years old. Hell ive had ex’s who didn’t give a damn about me care more for pleasing me orally than my fiance? Smh. Its been nearly 4 months. I shouldn’t have to ask nor beg. Its bs.

  17. Tweet Me @_teeCheifington ♡

    100% agree! As a young, unmarried but in a relationship, woman I can sum it up in just a few words: IF YOU WON’T DO IT SOMEBODY ELSE WILL! Ladies, men are all about feeling good, so if yo man ain’t satisfied, he WILL seek out that satisfaction with someone else (this doesn’t apply to married couples. If it does, you & your mate might need to reevaluate how strong your relationship really is)

    1. Jerome Bryant

      Its not rocket science

    1. Actually I wrote the article on cunnilingus before I wrote this one. If you like right below the article you will see “Related Article” which provides the link. 


  19. babygirl

    ok this might soud craazy …a friend of mine….no names,,, was giving head and 5 mins into it he stop her put it away and said he was tried…..WTF?? When she asked if she had done something wrong he said no Im just tried and went to sleep….

  20. babygirl

    the best head is the best present….ladies it is true … day out of the norm…when you and your man are just chilling … not say anything …just go down on him …undo his pants pull it out and start giving him hard good head….twist your tongue use your cheeks ,,,lick his balls ….do not let him stop you or touch you…make him cum make his toes curl…. keep going…. suck everything out of him ,,,leaving nothing inside of him … not spill a drop…..lick your lips with your with a sexy smile…pull his pants back up….give him a kiss and tell him thank you…walk away …….go about your business….tell me the results….<3

    1. Smitty

      Oh my goodness, that sounds so dam good. My wife gives great had but not that often, but I LOVE give it to her…

    2. big mike

      with that being said there isn’t anything that baby girl could ask for that she wouldn’t get.

    3. Joe

      babygirl, You are one FANTASTIC woman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giving a man a present like that will make him your slave !!!!!!!!! And I mean ALL men !!

    4. Brinley

      babygirl, this action will give you TOTAL control of any man ! I wouldn’t think of even looking at another woman if my woman practiced this type of total control !!

  21. Debra Pasquella

    Of course a man wrote this. (chuckles) What about #HPV which Michael Douglas blames for his run w/cancer? And $$ for oral? Isn't that called prostitution? Like the ol' "I'm going to die if I don't have sex" or "My sperm is healthy for you & has protein in it!" (OK I'm done busting.) I'm just glad I'm a lesbian. You men are quite creative, and sex deprived for good reason.

  22. Angela Noury

    It amazes me that women don't do this for their man. I enjoy it thoroughly. It turns me on to turn him on…

  23. Trina Banks

    whatvabout if it was vice versa, for health benefits?

  24. Sid Insidious

    I couldn't imagine not doing that…catch him when he gets home from work bone tired..hit him with that i bet u get flowers tomorrow ladies!!!!!!!! At least i did. 🙂

  25. Amanda Elizabeth Perez


  26. John

    I have to ask my girlfriend to do it and I’m just becoming agitated with that. I told her it need to change. She might do it for a day and then tomorrow it’s like we never talked about it. She also doesn’t let me give her head anymore which I like to do ( she will not shave down there and use that as an excuse for me not to go down on her). This has been going on for a couple months, it could end this relationship. Also the lack of sex I’m getting. I’m a 21 year old male slick to young to be in this serious of a relationship but I comment, in return missing out on all these women who would beg me to put it down.(not tryin to be cocky just saying)

  27. Jene Tillis

    my ex never asked for it I wanted him to and would ask him why he didn't…what man wouldnt go for his wife asking to please him??? even if it wasn't the greatest what man wouldn't want to be a teacher. we're now divorced?

  28. I give it to my husband even if we don't have sex . not..I love doing it to him. When he gets off work or watching the game. It makes my mouth waters just thinking about it.

  29. Joe Mcclain Jr.

    Thank you to all women who give head to their man. You make the relationship less stressful. For yall that dont, when he out creepin, blame yourself. You suppose to please your man, not a side chick.

  30. Adora Boone

    Real women please their man # fact

  31. Michelle Figliomeni

    Been married over 20 years first n only man never felt right giving oral until now I want to please him almost everyday if I could love him n it if it pleases him and he's real good to you than why not please him as much as u can

  32. gyey

    im a 57 year old man. and never add head as u call it .. what am i missing. and yes i do go down on my wife. and love it

  33. I dont understand why u women dont satisfy us oraly.. You say u love us and youll do anything for us well all we ask for is alil "Head" everyday…i would rather my wife give it to me then another women…but if he isnt getting it at home ladies he will look else where for it…so in conclusion if u dont want ur man to cheat on u..SATISFY HIM ANY WAY U CAN…swallow ur pride and his c**…same goes for the men…

  34. sadly

    Id kill for her to just do it at all…. sadly she hasnt in years =(

  35. Chloe Fadden

    This is funny.. and yet, true. Also, I would add that you need to be good at giving head. And for that, I would suggest reading Jack’s Blowjob Lessons. Not only do the tips and techniques make it easier, but you’ll also find yourself enjoying it more.

  36. Pam

    I been for Married 17 years we have been together for 22 years. I LOVE giving my man head. I give him head sometimes twice a day before and after work. He loves it soo much most of the time I will just do it without him asking. I always make sure I do something new with his penis when I am giving him head. I always let him know I can’t wait until the next time.

    1. Joe

      You madam, are the PERFECT wife !!!!!!! You will never have to worry about him looking elsewhere, women like you are so rare !!! I hope you swallow along with your other skills !!!

  37. I totally agree with you. I give my partner head constantly. He treats me like a queen and I honor him with more head. I wish more women understood these truths. Giving head empowers women.

  38. Ladies, dоn't bе a lazy, sеlfish and nаrrow minded commоn wоmеn whо аrе feаred tо give оrаl pleаsure for their men.
    Yоu will bе рositively shocking hоw hе startеd lооking onlу at you and your rеlationship will change dramаtically.
    Hе will start rераy yоu with sensual kissеs оr mаssage and continue with mаterial gifts оr еven a mаrriаge.
    I'm not а mоdel-loоking wоmаn.
    If you'll meеt me аt уоur supеrmarket уоu'll never imаgine that this handsоmе sexу guy nеar – is my husband.
    Onе оf mу sеcret is thаt I hаve always lоvеd to givе fеllatiо and awesome hаnd job for my mаn.
    Аfter I gаve him а bj at first time hе cаn't stор telling me that nо one womаn has еvеr рlеаsed him sо much befоrе…and he's bеen with rаther a lot of womеn.
    So if уou suspеct thаt your mаn’s not еnjoying oral рlеаsure much, уou’re nеw to аll this оr a littlе scarеd, оr еven if уоu just want tо give him аn out оf this world exрerience, then this is pеrfect for уou:
    Р.S. If уоu а very shy girl, check this guidе abоut hаnd job:
    Lеаrn thаt 82% оf mеn аctuаllу prefеr over getting oral.

  39. joeupyoursCS

    i love it when they swallow!

  40. Roy Bell

    Man i love going down on my woman but she never returns the favor…i damn near have to beg her which comes with attittude and her saying thats all i talk about everytime we have sex…i’ve told her that its something that i desire more often…i’ve also come really close to cheating trying to get my desire fulfilled by someone who is willing

  41. Kimmie Bell Ellis

    When I remarry, open communication, love, respect, loyalty, God in the mix and listening skills by both will definitely benefit stress relief and will be my goals. I want him on-board for it all 100%. This is a must in every marriage and mutually exchanged is a top priority.

  42. Love365. ph

    Hello guys, You can buy Sex Toys here at our store is located in Makati Ave. In Front of A-venue Mall. The Philippine Leading Sex Toys Store.

  43. crisy02

    Wow, I feel like a P.s , no wonder my man won’t listen to my needs and thinks I don’t love him.

  44. Tam

    What about when ur man had an awful experience and someone had a tongue ring and it got caught. He is fearful and tenses up every time. I have to beg him to do it but he keeps turning me down. I have never had man not like oral sex. He’s so stiff and frightened no matter what I try he’s in his head. What should I do I can’t take it anymore and I need to suck on something BADDD!!!!

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