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Head Please: Giving Him The Benefits of Oral Sex

The ladies got their oral sex, and now it is time for the men to get ours. That’s right women; we are talking about giving your husband some “head”. It is only right, and as you will learn today it is also good for the both of you. Surprisingly there are men out there that do not want or care for oral sex. Yes I know some of you are shocked but it is true. We won’t dive into that today though; let’s just focus on those that love it and why you ladies should give it. Side Note: in an attempt not to use very vulgar words I will be using the word “head” a lot, which for those that don’t know means oral sex. I could use “fellatio” or “oral sex” instead, but I like “head” better : ).

Giving head saves lives

I’m not joking people, the health benefits are many. Giving that man “head” can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and even lower the risk of colon and prostate cancer. I mean you can do all that with no medication, just some good old-fashioned “head” : ). There are more benefits but should not the improved health of your partner be enough motivation ladies (for any of you thinking “if I have to give him head, then he can die for all I care”…you are just plain evil, but I forgive you). Aside from health it does enhance the sexual experience for many men. For some, sex without head is like eating a sandwich with no meat (unless you are vegetarian of course). So why not fulfill him sexually with what he desires which is extra motivation for him to do the same for you. Back to the health, there are even benefits for women that take their “head giving” abilities to a higher level (i.e. “catching” or “swallowing”) but we will explore that more in a future post. Just know that you greatly increase his health by doing this simple act : ). So what are you waiting for? Go play nurse and “tend” to your husband.

There is power in the tongue

Well not necessarily your tongue, more like your whole mouth : ). Some of you women do not realize the power in giving great head. Don’t believe me? Go ask your husband for some amount of money he would probably say no for. After he says no, now go give him some head and ask again. You still may not get the money, but he will think twice lol : ). Ask him while you are doing it, and the man might just throw his whole wallet at you. A man becomes a lot more willing when he is getting it good sexually. Some of the things he may nag you about are many times just manifestations of his sexual frustration with you. So if you would just “put it in your mouth” he would probably shut the hell up. See that, you can save his life and your sanity all in one shot. It really doesn’t get better than that. Not to mention that if your man is a lover of getting some head, then you don’t want to neglect him of that desire. It can cause unnecessary issues, and as his lover you should want to be the woman that gives him all that he desires and needs (sexually and otherwise). When you are truly that woman, trust that is a position of great power that you will find plenty of benefit in.

So there you have it ladies, some of the benefits of oral sex.  If you appreciated when I wrote in favor of you receiving oral sex, then you should respect when I tell you reasons why you should also be giving. I make a lot of jokes but in all seriousness oral sex is all about adding to the sexual experience. Many men love it, and many women need it. When you are married you should always be willing to do things that can help add to your partner’s sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. I know there will always be some lines we just don’t feel comfortable crossing, but oral sex is one that most would agree is a good line to cross.

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