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How I Rise & Grind – PRIZE GIVEAWAY

nice breakfast to rise and grind

It’s a new day, and as a relationship expert if I’m going to get the most out of it then I have to start it off right. For me to rise and grind I make sure I do three things in the morning (other than wash up and get myself together). I eat a good breakfast, because it is so essential to feed the body what it needs to operate at a high level.

I do some praying and reading, because for me personally it is important to also feed my spirit and my mind to get me moving in the right direction.  To finish it off I do some exercise to get the blood flowing and my energy level raised. I’m not always perfect with my routine, but I strive to get it in so that I can be as productive as possible for the day.

Remember that everyday is an opportunity to embrace the possibilities that come with waking up and heading back into the world. Check out my quick video below and then scroll down further for your chance to WIN a FREE #McCafeGrind Prize Pack.

Share this offer and great opportunity with your friends and family so they can take advantage too! ’I’m going to get a free cup of @McCafe Coffee from 3/31 to 4/13/14 at participating McDonald’s #McCafeGrind – Get Yours Too! Rise and Grind’ [click to tweet].

McCafeGrind Prize Pack Image

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure – This post is brought to you by McDonald’s®. I have partnered with them to spread the word about Free McCafé® Coffee Week’ happening March 31 through April 13 at all participating McDonald’s® restaurants in the U.S. Stay up to date on Free McCafé® Coffee Week via @McDonalds and @McCafe on Twitter. All opinions and stories are my own.

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80 thoughts on “How I Rise & Grind – PRIZE GIVEAWAY”

  1. erica best

    #McCafeGrind while checking email

  2. Misty Higgs Guthrie

    My #McCafeGrind – I'm taking advantage of this beautiful day! I'm about to go for a long walk to clear my head and take some time for me. 🙂

  3. Misty Guthrie

    My #McCafeGrind – I’m taking advantage of this beautiful day! I’m about to go for a long walk to clear my head and take some time for me. 🙂 Exactly what I need today! Then I think I’ll head to McDonald’s and enjoy a free cup of coffee. 🙂 Sounds perfect! Thanks Stephan!

  4. erica best

    enjoying a ice coffee on a warm day

  5. 1froglegs

    The best way for me is with a good breakfast. Also, if I wake up half an
    hour before my alarm goes off, I just go ahead and get up. That extra
    30 minutes will make you worse off.

  6. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind while getting my kids to school in the morning

  7. I #McCafeGrind by working hard at work, coming home and working on my passion, and working on my degree at the same time. I could’ve really used that coffee this morning haha

  8. 1froglegs

    I #McCafeGrind by eating a nice warm breakfast every morning.

  9. erica best

    I #McCafeGrind with med coffee

  10. Deb Schroeder-Klein

    I #McCafeGrind my taking a walk before the show hits.

  11. jenmalonee

    I #McCafeGrind while getting the kids ready for school in the morning.

  12. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind with my iced coffee every morning while taking my kids to afterschool practice

  13. 1froglegs

    I #McCafeGrind by always starting out with a good breakfast

  14. erica best

    I #McCafeGrind with ice coffee

  15. Roseann Moss

    My #McCafeGrind really wakes me up.

  16. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind when carpooling my kids and their friends to ice skating while enjoying an iced coffee

  17. erica best

    I #McCafeGrind on monday morning

  18. 1froglegs

    I #McCafeGrind by starting every morning with a nice hot breakfast.

  19. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind with black cup of coffee when helping my daughter with her homework

  20. 1froglegs

    I #McCafeGrind by starting every morning off with a good hearty breakfast.

  21. erica best

    I #McCafeGrind on everyone morning with hot coco

  22. Tina Woo

    I #McCafeGrind on the go, running across town several times a day to make sure my Dad is eating and taking his meds.

  23. 1froglegs

    I start every morning with a good hearty breakfast.

  24. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind with a frappucino in the afternoon while running errands

  25. 1froglegs

    I #McCafeGrind with breakfast every morning.

  26. Elexus

    I #McCafeGrind before, during, and after all nighters..

  27. erica best

    I #McCafeGrind once in a while with ice coffee

  28. I #McCafeGrind by getting the kids off to school and then relaxing with a cup of Mocha Latte
    Rafflecopter: Carolsue


    I #McCafeGrind getting all 3 of my kids up for school/daycare w/ a hot breakfast, and then going to work to design the local newspaper.

  30. 1froglegs

    I #McCafeGrind with a warm breakfast and a hot cup of coffee.

  31. erica best

    #McCafeGrind with coffee

  32. Tina W

    This morning my #McCafeGrind was hand-delivered to my bedside since someone was an absolute darling and let me sleep in. Now THAT is living!

  33. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind with a iced coffee when taking my daughter to the doctor today

  34. cezovski

    I would jog around the block, then relax with a cup of coffee!
    Rafflecopter: Carolsue

  35. 1froglegs

    I #McCafeGrind by always having breakfast in the morning.

  36. lil_lady_dz

    I #McCafeGrind with 2 creams & 1 sugar, and then i’m out the door to explore my day!

  37. erica best

    I #McCafeGrind with coffee

  38. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind with an iced mocha while reading a book after making dinner

  39. Tina W

    I #McCafeGrind my way across town to make sure my Dad eats a good breakfast every morning.

  40. I #McCafeGrind by eating some yogurt and granola along with my vanilla latte in the morning
    Rafflecopter: Carolsue

  41. lil_lady_dz

    Today I #McCafeGrind by starting my day with a egg mcmuffin & a cafe latte!

  42. 1froglegs

    I #McCafeGrind with a hot cup of coffee and a warm breakfast.

  43. JessieC

    #McCafeGrind with a cup of iced latte for afternoon pick me up.

  44. AmandaSakovitz

    I #McCafeGrindwith coffee each morning!

  45. erica best

    I #McCafeGrind with ice coffee with i check email

  46. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind with a cup of black coffee with sugar while checking my daughter’s homework

  47. cezovski

    I #McCafeGrind by preparing a healthy breakfast for my family and me. Then later, having a cup of mocha latte.
    Rafflecopter: Carolsue

  48. AmandaSakovitz

    I #McCafeGrind on the treadmill each day.

  49. lil_lady_dz

    I #McCafeGrind with some morning coffee, healthy breakfast, & a morning walk with my dog.

  50. 1froglegs

    I #McCafeGrind every morning with breakfast.

  51. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind with an iced mocha while watching sportscenter

  52. cezovski

    I #McCafeGrind by making a vanilla latte in the morning for my hubby and me.
    Rafflecopter: Carolsue

  53. Shannon

    I #McCafeGrind by starting each morning by stretching each morning for 10 minutes and then on my way to work I swing by McDonalds for a cup of McCafe coffee

  54. David Lintz

    I #McCafeGrind by starting every morning with a warm breakfast and a hot coffee.

  55. AmandaSakovitz

    I #McCafeGrind with a cup of coffee and cereal every morning.

  56. Nancy Brett

    #McCafeGrind is my daily routine

  57. erica best

    I #McCafeGrind with ice coffee

  58. Thomas Murphy

    I #McCafeGrind with iced coffee every morning while I check my emails.

  59. usnamom2014

    I #McCafeGrind by starting the day off with coffee and checking emails

  60. Ellie W

    I #McCafeGrindby starting my day with oatmeal and coffee before waking up my boys to start the day.

  61. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind with coffee brewed black when getting ready for the day

  62. Janice Cooper

    I #McCafeGrind every morning with hot tea

  63. Nicole Dziedzic

    I #McCafeGrind by starting today with a coffee to get me in spring cleaning mode!

  64. cezovski

    i #McCafeGrind everytime I stop at McDonalds to get my Caramel iced coffee
    Rafflecopter: Carolsue

  65. Shannon

    I #McCafeGrind by staring each morning with a delicious coffee from McDonalds on my way to work. For a dollar you can’t beat that price!

  66. 1froglegs

    I #McCafeGrind by starting every morning with a hearty breakfast.

  67. AmandaSakovitz

    i #McCafeGrind with a vanilla iced coffee every morning!

  68. meredith

    I #McCafeGrind with a yummy morning coffee

  69. Thomas Murphy

    I #McCafeGrind with iced coffee every morning while I check my emails.

  70. Deb Schroeder-Klein

    I #McCafeGrind with vanilla nut coffee

  71. usnamom2014

    I #McCafeGrindwith coffee and the newspaper every morning

  72. Janice Cooper

    I #McCafeGrind in the mornings with hot tea while checking my emails

  73. erica best

    I #McCafeGrind with breakfast every morning

  74. Tabathia

    I #McCafeGrind trying to get my kids to all the ongoing festivals

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