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Healing Heartbreak Episode 1: It’s Okay to Be a Cougar

Posted by Healing Heartbreak in Podcast | 12 comments


Cougar dating has become much more common these days. However some women are still struggling with feeling comfortable dating a younger man.
In the first episode of Healing Heartbreak, Stephan tells you the most important thing to focus on in a relationship is a deep connection. Age doesn't matter. Listen below:

5 Tips On How To Talk To Women Online

Posted by Stephan Labossiere in Advice for Men, Dating | 1 comments


In the world we live in today, the internet has become a great place to meet women. There are so many sites facilitating this experience and creating more opportunities to help you find a woman who fits your interest. What a great tool at your disposal, but it will all mean nothing if you aren't aware of ways to increase your success rate in this arena. Knowing how to talk to women online can give you a leg up


Make It A Morning Date!

Posted by Stephan Labossiere in Real Stories | 0 comments


Many of you have a lot on your plate. The grind of the day leaves you exhausted and sometimes you miss out on opportunities to talk to and connect with your partner. Relationships need nurturing, and making time to sit down and talk is a great way to help things move in a better direction.


You Can’t Make Them Love You

Posted by Stephan Labossiere in Advice for Men, Advice for Women, Dating | 78 comments


A lot of people say you shouldn't give up so easily in a relationship. You should fight through the issues and keep pushing forward. Stick together and work it out is what they proclaim, but sometimes that still doesn't seem to make a difference.


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