woman upset while man is cheating

Why Men Cheat

So I asked on my twitter for people to submit questions they would like for me to answer. Thanks to one of my followers I have today’s topic: Why Men Cheat. So let me start off with my opinion on a why men cheat. I’m sure many women just want to jump in at this moment and say men cheat because “they are dogs” “they are evil” “they are disgusting pigs” or “they are never satisfied”. Though some of this may be true (sorry guys), it really doesn’t give the correct answer. So here are a few reasons that I believe a man makes the choice to step out.

1. He was never ready for a relationship in the first place

Women unfortunately will have to learn to understand that men have a desire to “get around”. Not all men, but clearly a large amount. It’s about ego, pride, and plain sexual desire. I’m not condoning this behavior but this is what it boils down to. Society has made kings out of promiscuous men, and suckers out of those who keep it in their pants, or hands for that matter. So naturally a man who has yet to get pass this poor perception on things, will feel the need to be “loose” regardless of a relationship.

2. He never took the relationship serious, you’re there only for his convenience

The harsh reality is that a lot of relationships that a man has chosen to be in aren’t because he loves the women, or understand what his role is in that woman’s life. It’s because he wants some consistent booty and whatever other benefits you may provide. So a woman asks, then why get in a relationship? Because most men view a relationship as a means to get what they want from you, and in no way are they truly committed to giving you what you really need. Hell they don’t even know what you need, but who cares if the sex is good and he gets free food or whatever. So with that said, cheating isn’t viewed as an issue, just an extension of him getting what he wants

3. You’re not really all he needs you to be

Yes women, believe it or not you fall short on what that man truly desires. I’m not blaming you, and I’m not saying that this fact makes it ok. What I am saying is that, women love to think and say “I gave him everything”and that simply is not usually the case. Also, understand that you may have given him everything YOU thought was sufficient, but did you really find out and care to implement what HE feels he needs from you. When you deprive a man of certain things, there are women out there who pick up on that (co-workers, friends, etc); and with their desire to get a man, or simply get YOUR man, will then highlight your shortcomings and proclaim them as their strengths. This then opens the door to the possibility of cheating. I have seen men cheat, then turn around and say “I wish I could just get that from my girl and not feel the need to get it elsewhere”. You may not want to hear that, but it’s true.

Now I just gave you something to think about as far some of the reasons why men cheat. We can get a lot more into this but let’s hear what you have to say about why men cheat. Feel free to comment and leave feedback. Next up is Part 2: Why women cheat.