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Posted by on Aug 26, 2013 in Advice for Women, Dating | 99 comments Tags: , , , , ,

6 Signs That He Is Mr. Right

woman hugging her mr right

How do you know if the guy you’re dealing with is Mr. Right? Is he truly ready to be the man you need him to be, or is this relationship doomed to fail? It can be difficult to analyze if you have found your Mr. Right and ensure that you are moving forward with the man who is truly best for you. Below are some signs you can factor in that can help make your decision easier.

1. Mr. Right Is Willing To Open Up & Be Honest

When a man feels comfortable enough with you to open up and be honest, that is a great indicator that you two may have a genuine connection. Men don’t typically open up easily, and it can be a struggle even with a woman he truly cares about. His ability to open up to you will help nurture great communication and allow you two to properly address any issues that exist.

2. Mr. Right Has Learned How To Be Self Sufficient

If he can’t take care of himself, how will he be able to take care of you. If you don’t mind raising a grown boy, then do as you wish, but know what you’re setting yourself up for. This isn’t about how much money he has but simply about his willingness to handle business when needed. If he truly cares about you, then he should want to alleviate some of your burden. If not, say hello to Mr. Wrong

3. Mr. Right Is Protective not Possessive

Most men are programmed to be protectors and providers. So it is very natural that when a man truly loves a woman he will become very protective of her. It doesn’t mean he is ready to fight every guy that looks at you too long, but he will always look to keep you out of harm’s way. When a man starts to stop you from having a life outside of him, now he is being possessive. Don’t confuse that with love, it is about control, and Mr. Right knows the difference.

4. Mr. Right Listens

The fact that he can talk to you is just one part of the equation. The willingness to listen to you and not dismiss your feelings has to be there as well. A man who will not listen, is a man who will not be able to grow with you. Getting in tune with you won’t happen, and that will lead to plenty of conflict. When a man shows the patience and willingness to listen, that is going to be a great asset moving forward in a relationship, and that is a good sign that Mr. Right may be in front of you.

5. Mr. Respects You

If a man doesn’t respect you, he doesn’t deserve you. It really is that simple but it gets overlooked far too often. When a man respects a woman he has the ability to love and care for her the way she needs. He is less likely to betray her or mistreat her. In some cases this respect is exactly what separates one woman from the rest. He can give you all the attention in the world, but if you don’t have his respect, then you have nothing at all.

6. Mr. Right Makes You Smile

Smiling is good for you and the man who can make that happen with ease may truly be the guy that is best for you. A man who is truly into you wants to make you happy, and will put in the effort to put a smile on your face. When he is Mr. Right It doesn’t necessarily have to be something specific he did at the moment, his mere presence can give you a boost of positive energy and make your day better. He should have the ability to uplift you and help steer you onto a more positive path.

The one thing I left out was, he should have a genuine relationship with God. I did that because we all have different beliefs and I want to respect that. The six signs I mentioned apply across the board so I will get into the spiritual aspect more in a different post. Just be mindful of making sure your spiritual relationship is where it needs to be first, so check out the bestseller God Where Is My Boaz to get more insight. Like I mentioned in 6 Signs She Is Mrs. Right, sometimes it is the right person at the wrong time. We all need to grow as individuals and maybe the guy you meet hasn’t reached a point where he is truly ready to be the man he is going to be. So ultimately no matter how many of these signs you see or don’t see, trust your intuition. That can guide you to Mr. Right better than anything your mind can analyze. Be patient, and remember that focusing on building a friendship can help set the stage for you and Mr. Right

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About Stephan Labossiere
is a Certified Life & Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Author of the #1 Best Seller "God Where Is My Boaz" as well as the Award Winning book "How To Get A Woman To Have Sex With You...If You're Her Husband". Stephan is on a mission to help men and women experience happier, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships. He is a highly sought after coach and speaker who has been seen, heard and chronicled in various national and international media outlets. soulmate


  1. Huh oh, wrong person in the friend zone…thank you. And Mr. Right is definitely Mr. Wrong.

  2. I found Mr. Right!

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    Therefore, for those people who are ready to improve their lives in the areas of goal setting, careers, friendships, and relationships, this webpage is the remedy. May the words and thoughts of these pages be the advice they have been looking for.

  4. The person who respect me from the heart must be Mr. Right!…Well,if i love him.

  5. This is a good piece, thank you for the insights. All I ask God is the patient as I wait for my Boaz. Its not always easy.

  6. I love the last part!…must have a genuine relationship with God!…too many times we find MOG (Men of God) always putting up scriptures & encouraging words like yours & having soo many followers & basically looks like a dream for every woman. But to my dismay when I speak to them, they change their tune when you want to talk about God & their walk with God instead it goes to sex! Immediately I walk away & pray for them. I was not even interested in a relationship, that was friendship. Now I allow ONLY the Holy Spirit to guide me for God fearing friends & I believe I will just know when it is him in the meantime im focused on my walk with God. Bless you my brother!

  7. really reallt true!!!

  8. That all was dead on!

  9. Stephan you are truly a genius !! I have to go read that book I bought and still haven't read from you smh. Love it!

  10. Thats the problem I have with two people in my life. One is everything but he is possive and I don't trust him. SO thats a no. The other I trust but he can't take care of himself. So in the mean time I am single believing there is someone better out there then either of them. Good read reaffirms that I am doing the right thing.

  11. Once again you are on point. Thank you!

  12. Love this…

  13. These is not Mr. Right or wrong . Everything depends on how you handle issues. Only man can be wrong ? Not women ?

  14. Good stuff….I agree!

  15. Very informative, thank you for posting this.:-)

  16. Nice, everything u said I already look for. Thank u!! For clarifying that I'm looking for the right things.Come on Mr.Right!! lol

  17. I really would like to speak to you regarding my marriage other than online… much to discuss….

  18. So sad I stay in my marriage for 21 yrs. After reading number four, It was doom! I stayed because I was committed to my love that I had . He left, and I'm still. standing by God Grace! Oh he wants to come back! I've never been more happy in my life alone! The doors Will not be reopen!

  19. Good Points. I think it's important to confront ourselves on key issues to help us step up instead of step out.

  20. And he is not hesitant to introduce you to his family and friends. …

  21. One thing you forgot to mention is kids. some of us who are actively seeking Mr. Right have been married before and have children as a result of the previous marriage. If you meet a man who wants to spend time with your kids and involve them on your dates as well as making one on one time for you, then you have a great man. Mr. Right will adore your children and love them as if they were his own. If he doesn't, then you need to let him go because he can't have you without your children. If he can't be there to love and support your kids with you, then you will never be able to see eye to eye on anything where the children are concerned.

  22. Great post and much appreciated. I thought I was with Mr, Right, but the spiritual side was missing, hence we are no longer together. I read the book God, Where is my Boaz and it is a great addition to all of your insights. A must read! Ladies respect yourselves enough to wait for Mr. Right and trust in God that He will bring you the happiness you deserve. I am learning great patience through this process and finding a much stronger connection with God myself.

  23. I believe that once you are at at peace with who you are and comfy in your own skin that person will come along and be the addition to your life you have been waiting for. Words of wisdom from a single therapist lol!

  24. I agree! Especially the part about having God first an foremost in our life, cause without that, there's no future at all! Amen!!!

  25. Wow, you don't miss a thing Kris! Lol…. I am at peace (now) and comfy in my own skin or I wouldn't be able to accomplish the things I have! That was part of the problem too. I'm just saying that since I've opened up to more of my spiritual side, I realize that is the kind of partner I hope to connect with (someday). This single life is the second time around for me; the first time I was alone for three years before the next relationship. Trust me, God gives me plenty of alone time to 'find myself' before jumping into a relationship, and I'm okay with that. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy companionship :) Oh yeah, and coming from Mr. Single Therapist himself – great advice! Good thing I know you!

  26. Awesome

  27. He is my perfect man but he didnt think so :(

  28. Everything you said is exactly what my grandmother told me. God always should come first, because without him nothing is possible.

  29. I am glad that you mentioned this, because my children comes befoe any man, and if he can't except them then you haven't excepted me.

  30. Yrs ma'am

  31. You will find the one for you. Just be patient, and it will happen

  32. If the man's family protects him by condoning his actions and being enablers, then time to say goodbye to the whole family

  33. I may have found him! Time will tell. Will keep it in prayer.

  34. Awesome & so true!

  35. For women; Need to know basis.

  36. You are wise, you definitely do not want to involve yourself in that kind of dysfunction. Been there, done that, nothing to gain for you. Onward and upward!

  37. LG Kathy, I didn't know until it was too late that they were like that, I was suppose to accept him for what he is. Got the D last month, now getting over with my life after having my name not associated with him whatsoever. I had to learn it the hard way eventually after I saw something in the house.Now, my expectations are high, and finding it hard to trust now.

  38. I like this guy he speaks the truth I wonder how many men actually practice this hmmmmm

  39. great point but something else to look at if he has kids and doesn't spend time with them and if they are from several women then look again. He will show you his representative until he gets what he wants and later you will find out you weren't the only one. if you see another woman where he is at his events be careful she isn't friend. Mr. Right is honest forth right and his life isn't full of secrets. Sometimes we get these dream men who look good built, charming and that is all it is Ladies smoke and mirrors. I had a Mr. right lost to death but he did all the things above and more so I spot mister wrong very quickly.

  40. The most important part is to have real relationship and love for God, without that he can't truly love the woman the way God ordained

  41. So true…..God first and the rest is elementrary my dears if u truely love someone ….for both sexes we must love right or loose

  42. Boi sum need to read this

  43. I agree but here again it seems to be double standard. You say or do something just to get a response from me then you go and write a post in a round about way. Is David your family? I know your the person but the games. Just mess me up. Don’t do games

  44. Steven, you Rock! I am so thankful you are on the net to guide these ladies in the right direction. Coming from a man has so much more meaning.

  45. We'll my partner has that all but is 45 still living at home with his Mom…. ? So wht do I do?

  46. I love it!

  47. Inspirational…love it

  48. THANK YOU.

  49. One of the most honest pieces I've read in a while…touched my heart. Made my notes ;)

  50. i am married for 42 yrs.. and all the signs that u mentioned are not him… .am fallen to a WRONG GUY .. that is why my life is MISERABLE…!!!

  51. Ang wrinkles Ate Norms… punta kana lang kay Ate Meng Pabalan… I'm sure mag enjoy ka doon. Smile

  52. This is good information. I’ve been seeing a guy who is some of these, but lacks the respect and opening up. I’m a professional woman with my own business and he is a pastor. We are doing well thus far, but I recently learned that he has a criminal background where he spent over 10 years in jail. He dresses nice and drives a cute little sports car. But when I asked whether he killed anyone, he became silent and changed the conversation. That has stuck in my mind since then. I believe God can change anyone and only he knows whether he is changed, but I’ve seen some other red flags like using profanity and perverse language. I wonder if I should wait it out or cut my losses and bail. My friends say get out while I can. What are our thoughts?

    • You lost me at lack of respect. Get out now!

    • Records are public… Run a report on him… Even if he had any record before and he is a changed man.. well who are to judge right? if he is not willing to open up it really depends how long u have been seeing him, maybe too soon? Maybe he just afraid? I may approach that question some other way, ask God for guidance. But if he is a Pastor using profanity? I dont wanna be judgemental but here is the real reason you should be worried about… Think with your head, align your spirit with God’s do not be deceived by ur emotions!!

    • alarms should be going off. RIGHT NOW!

    • my sister ,please read proverbs 14:verse 15. point if you already see certain things that is of concern to both of you. and cant be address that in it self ,is not very healthy for the relationship. did I read correctly a pastor????.

  53. Love this! I didn't find my Mr. Right….God brought him to me! If I didn't already have confirmation from God, this article would definitely have proven that my Sweetheart is Mr. Right.

  54. I so appreciate the mister right list. Grateful that I can CHANGE my direction in mind and behavior.


  56. I agree amen

  57. Trust in the lord in all your ways and he will direct your path he will aloud the right man to cross you path so while your waiting do some praying and ask god to prepare you for that special someone.

  58. Better stop lying to these women they going to have a lot of lonely nights listening to you

  59. I am crying reading this, same thing happen to me. And oh god I am happier, I grew closer to god and is better on my own. I tough and agree with your comment @ Aundrea Townsel

  60. When your dating someone and you have to constantly tell them to spend time with your kids and they tell you you cant make me love them, its time to move on. There into you not the whole package.

  61. Mr Right is all the above ADORABLE and i love him to pieces,

  62. If your guy is like this with everyone he dates , what makes our relationship special or unique ?

  63. I AM HIM!

  64. I could have wrote this. People are too desperate for relationship guidance if this is head-turning.

  65. I agree he will begin to make you one of his first priorities :)

  66. i think i’ve found him already :-)

  67. It's sad when Mr. Right didn't know that he was… :) Win some, lose some.

  68. Theresita Trisa

  69. And yet still single… but all this has taught me is just enjoy life.. it will happen when it's time

  70. Everyone's relationship with God is different. But I for one believe and mine comes from a different perspective. You don't have to be a man of God to be in a relationship. I was married to a pastors granddaughter who was raised in church and she cheated. I can say I had my son outta marriage.. I also see what happens when religious beliefs are forced.. not everyone is meant to be married. . Some church folks are cool but most I've come across are extremely judgmental and feel they do no wrong. I rather be the way I am. A good man with good morals and fears God. But I know at the end of the day I'm not fake

  71. Hang in there, it is hard to do what is best for you sometimes, but you have done it, and if you have the courage to do that, you have the courage to go out there and bring a lot of good into your life! If it makes you feel any better. I left a relationship in January at 56 years old, but he was not putting me first or meeting my needs, yet expecting all that from me. NO !!!Don't look back and God bless you.

  72. Wish I paid attention to the red flags :( I feel he was all this at first and was perfect but only for a few months

  73. Thanks I need to hear this!

  74. and don't forget the bestseller for centuries now, said he must love her as his own body , in other to have deep respect for him ,woman please don't ever try to change a boy in to a man, if you lady's know your kind of man, you will know when you meet him.

  75. Thank you for the great infomation.That's very wise and inspiring.Keep on keeping on.

  76. This all sounds good, but, what if they have problems committmenting…??? Taking it one step further into marriage??

  77. Man was pretty much all of that, seemed like my perfect soulmate. Bliss for over seven months. Then one day out of the blue, he loses it and never speaks to me again. Turns out he is a narcassistic psychopath!!! Had no idea. First man I actually knew (thought) I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Just beware. I had no clue about this disorder, and to me everything was perfect…too perfect.

  78. I agree, especially about respect. personally I cud never honestly love a woman that I did not respect. If a woman would allow a man to do or say anything than there's no respect. A woman who doesn't respect herself, or doesn't hold a man accountable for both his actions or words would never experience true and genuine love in a relationship.

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