woman going through man's cell phone

Why you should NOT go through your man’s phone.

Guest Post by Only One Heaven: The other day, I posted my explanation HERE as to why I think it’s OK to go through your man’s phone… But today, I’d like to go over some reasons why you should NOT!

You are just a baby mama

Just because you didn’t take your morning after pill within the allotted 72 hour time frame, or he was a little too overzealous one particular evening and forgot to pull out, and consequently a junior popped out 9 months later, doesn’t mean you have the right to look through or answer his phone. If you guys aren’t “together” his obligation is to the child, not you. Just because he is freaking you and some other hood rats raw, doesn’t mean you have the right to know about it.

You’re not going to question him

If a dude is your “man”,  and you’re supposed to be in a healthy, committed, EXCLUSIVE relationship, and you so happen to check his phone and find something crazy, then you should step up to the plate and say something about it! I had a friend who was living with her baby daddy, and they were supposed to be getting married in the near future. She would find all kinds of craziness in his emails and his cell phone, but because she didn’t want him to be mad at her for being nosy, she never brought it up! WTF?!?! What’s the point!? Stop looking through his s*** if you’re not going to call him out on it. Why put yourself through that pain and suffering? Then she would have to just walk around the house pissed off. slamming s*** around and giving short answers to the man’s questions. All he knows is that he went to take a shower and when he came out, she had the ugly face on because of the booty pics she found in his phone. So now the poor guy has to figure out what happened in the last 15 to 20 min.

It makes sense to just tell the man that you want to talk about the sexy girl pics that was sent from a number you’re not familiar with as opposed to getting your feelings hurt every time you find something.  This will allow you to either sever ties with nasty man OR it could possibly be a bridge you guys need to cross together. KNOWING is half the battle. Once you know, you are hurt, yes, BUT it allows you to move a step in a different direction….

A woman that stays in this kind of situation obviously has no back bone and has low self-esteem. She is deathly afraid of pissing her man off to the point where he wants to leave her for violating his privacy. She rather just deal with the constant foolishness and occasional flare ups of Chlamydia. It’s a sad existence for a woman to live in denial and deprive herself from what she deserves; honesty, loyalty, respect, consideration and love.

You’re the mistress and you KNOW it

How DARE you question why he keeps texting his wife while he’s at work or while you guys are eating together at the Sizzler. B****, YOU ARE the mistress!! How could you forget that? Don’t you EVER question that man about who he is texting or go through his phone! Just be happy that he likes your coochie enough to take you to a fine dining experience.  I kept that one simple…for the simple hoes.

You guys didn’t agree to be exclusive

If you’re casually sleeping with a guy, no matter how many times a week you’re freaking him, it doesn’t give you grounds to check his phone. If you guys can spend hours a week swapping bodily fluids, I’m sure you can have a sit down convo about where you stand in the relationship. If dude tells you openly that he is dating other people and you’re ok with it, case closed. Appreciate his honesty and just know that he more than likely has some dirt on his phone, but you have no rights to it! Even if you do check it, what are you going to do about it? Ya’ll are not exclusive! Don’t waste your time getting your feelings hurt. It is what it is. You made your skanky bed, now just lay down in it and be content with your choices, or change them if you’re not satisfied…and change your sheets too, while you’re at it.

You STRONGLY feel like you guys should still be together

Just because you were once in a nice and cute long-term relationship with a guy…and now you guys have decided to just be “friends”…. or friends with benefits….but you’re secretly hoping that things will go back to the way things used to be (which is the real reason why you keep giving up that nightly booty)…doesn’t mean it’s ok to check his phone. Stick to what you signed up for. You are the EX for a reason.

So what do YOU think? Any other reasons why someone should NOT go through their mates phone? (Besides the obvious “Violating Privacy” reason of course.)

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