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Women Cheat Too: 3 Reasons Why Women Cheat

why women cheat while man back is turned

So last week I broke down my view as to why men cheat. Naturally it wouldn’t be fair to only talk about the men, without properly addressing why women cheat as well. Anything you saw on the men’s list can easily be applied to some women as well. Let’s take a look at some different reasons why women cheat. I’m interested to see if any women attempt to argue my upcoming points. Fell free to express your view by leaving a comment. Either way, let’s get to some of the reasons women cheat.

Your “Package” Is Too Small

I’m sure that got your attention, and though it may be true in some cases, I don’t want to minimize the reason to just that. I will clarify and say that a woman being left sexually dissatisfied definitely pushes her towards allowing herself to cheat. It happens a lot more than you think. What do you expect? A woman has needs, even when some act like “it’s not that serious”. Though sex is not completely a physical thing for women, the physical aspect is still enjoyed by many. So therefore leaving her unfulfilled in that area will allow for her temptations to look more enticing. Let’s face it, it’s not like a woman doesn’t have plenty of options if she really wants to cheat.

She Is Emotionally Unfulfilled and Lacking a Connection 

Unfortunately, well depending on how you want to view it, women approach sex as a physical act as well as an emotional one. A lot of times you find women in relationships where they have a lack of a connection with the man they are with. In that, they suffer from not feeling as loved and desired as they would want to be. They aren’t receiving the quality time they hope for, and not being tended to the way they would like. So with this, the door gets swung wide open for another man to fill that void. Though the intention is to simply fulfill the emotional needs, this act naturally tends to lead to sex because I already stated, sex is an emotional act for women as well. When a woman is vulnerable, it can simply take the right circumstances to push her into another mans arms and then into his bed (or couch, car, kitchen counter…you get the point).

Some Women Cheat Because They’re Curious

Yes, don’t believe the hype that the only reason women cheat is when they aren’t happy at home. That’s just not always true point blank period. Yes, I believe that being unhappy is the main issue in most cases but there are plenty of women who just want to try some new “stuff”. We could make the case that she isn’t really in love with who she is with, but still, it isn’t always unhappiness pushing her to the next “experience”. Some women cheat just to try out something different/new or give in to the sexual temptation at the moment. If the scenario is one that makes them feel like they can get away with it, then they may be willing to do it. Unlike men, women take their secrets to the grave and know how to properly hide their “wild times”. Seriously, you could be sitting next to the most scandalous woman you have ever known, and never come close to knowing it.

All in all, some reasons women cheat are similar to men with a few variations here and there. Women are as guilty as men when it comes to cheating. Their ability to hide it much better has allowed more emphasis to be placed on men. What I stated today is not to condone this behavior, I’m just simply telling you what it is. If we start to make better choices about who we choose to be in a real relationship with, then I believe we can minimize, probably not eliminate, but minimize the frequency that men and women cheat. Because lets face it, many men get into relationships with a disregard to a woman’s feelings and not understanding and accepting their proper role in that relationship. Many women get into relationships due to impatience, bad choices, and simply settling for a man they have no business being with in the first place. Neither of those reasons bring us any closer to more happier, faithful, and fulfilling relationships. I just hope we can do better, change that, and make it less likely for people to cheat.

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37 thoughts on “Women Cheat Too: 3 Reasons Why Women Cheat”

  1. Latoyadavis1125

    This article is very true. We cheat or we just leave our current situation for another one where there is emotional connection, physical and emotional.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree except some women actually stay and drag themselves through a unhappy and unfulfilling relationship

      1. Latoya Doman

        I agree I’ve been in a15 yr relationship I’ve been lacking attention for half our relationship I’m older now and have different view on wat I’m willing to except. But I have been cheating wow I said it out loud at the same time I’ve told my man I done with our relationship and he refuses to walk away I don’t want to hurt him but mentally my mind is with someone else and it’s not the sex I’m wanting he’s not even that great in bed he’s mature my man is not he’s I’m finished with this relationship it’s crazy how for 15 yrs the 15 th yr I decide to cheat and be emotionally attracted to someone else I don’t know wat to think it scares me

        1. I think it is good you can say it out loud. Not that it is good that you decided to cheat, but being honest is always best and allows you the opportunity to properly address things. I would encourage you to resolve you relationship first (whether you decide to stay or go) before you continue to deal with this other man. I know the line has already been crossed but it is hard to properly evaluate what you need to do when you are dealing with multiple relationships at one time. I don’t know the back story so there isn’t much I can say, but sit down and talk to your current man. Be open, honest, and calm while discussing what the situation now is and how you will proceed. Also even if you do leave, you need a moment to yourself. You need to make sure that this new guy isn’t simply filling a void which could have been easily filled by your man. So give yourself time to process all of this, and talk it out. I am certain that what needs to happen, will if you approach this the right way. I am not here to judge you, only to help you and the others involved get what is truly best for all.

    2.  Yep, and you always end up as another booty call. Men and Women cheat because Men and Women are HOES! Emotional connection? Please, maybe for 5 minutes.

  2. Why Cheat? When you can just be single , do you have to hurt the other person to fulfill Lust and sexual desire for other people ?

    1. RelationshipExpert

      I agree with you Sasha but unfortunately many have and will take this route. A persons figures they can get away with it so what the other person doesn’t know won’t hurt them. As I stated in #2 though, it isn’t always intentional. Both sides have to recognize what contributes to these issues so we can better address the problem.

  3. Kate

    I’m in a relationship and I feel as though his not giving as much attention as I would like but not once have I went and cheated on him with someone else when do you think is good to just say lets end it because he doesn’t tell or show me how he feels which makes feel his only after one thing and one thing only to get in between my legs and feel like he has a barrier over before he has came back to me more than once and I’m really just confused and don’t know what he exactly wants from me

    1. StephanLabossiere

      I applaud you for not going that route, it can be very difficult to stay faithful when you are so unfulfilled in your relationship. If you fear that all he wants is sex, well stop giving it to him and his true colors may show. Also I feel that if you have talked to him and he makes no attempt to address your concerns then it is time to step away. He will continue to come back to you because you provide certain benefits, but if he isn’t prepared to make an effort to be the man you need him to be then this relationship is simply not headed in the right direction. I always encourage praying, which I encourage you to do regardless, but something tells me you already know the answer to your question. Be honest with yourself and trust your spirit (intuition).

    2.  First, think about yourself instead of getting with someone else. Women tend to think getting another Man will solve the problem, when the fact is you will most likely make a bad situation worst. You may leave a guy that cares, for a guy that really doesn’t care at all, which is most likely the case.

  4. Jaded

    We cheat when we hate them lol. So yeah. It’s an emotional thing totally.

    1. StephanLabossiere

      lol you have to admit though that there are some women who cheat even when they don’t hate them. 

      1. Pink Star

        I agree.  Women know this game all to well.  Some have mastered this game and have become pros.  We take our skeletons to the grave.  If you gone be down with OPP…you better know what you doing.  Women really plan and think about this one seriously before taking action.

        1.  NOPE! Both men and women are playing to many games. Women think they are the masters and Men think they are the masters, but both are just a bunch of fools playing childish games. Everyone is getting hurt, so what exactly is the purpose of being a master of destruction anyway?

          The key word is grave, why do things you must take to your grave? Life has to be about more than being an idiot, referring to both men and women!

    2.  People that think like you get what they deserve, please remember there is two sides to EVERY single coin. You Cheat on a Man that loves you for a man that will F U! Which is why cheating men and women are always single.

  5. MrPoetic White

    Hey dude, I’m 20 years of age and I must agree that you do have some valid points on why women cheats but I kinda beg to differ of the part where you’ve stated that “they are good at hiding it”. But through a few experience I kinda noticed a few things that’s a bit obvious that a women is cheating on you. For instant unlike us guys a women can’t go out and have sex with someone else and come home to their lover and also proform intercourse, reason being is that; A: they feel a bite grose and if you try having sex with them they will try and avoid it. B: after coming back home from where ever asking you if you ok, starting to hug and kiss you saying that she loves you. C: starting to accuse you of cheatiout of no where or asking you questions about if you cheated on them would u tell them or if they say they have been having dreams of you cheating on them.. I came to notice that all these are a conscience thing. Another way of finding out is if she’s givng her phone more attention than you and if they take there phone with them to the washroom everytime your around or if you suspect something is up and nicely ask them about it and they get really defensive cause most woman like to justify themself as right for there wrong doings when a woman is hiding behind lies her secrets becomes her shield

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Now I agree with your signs that something may be up, but I still stay women hide it better. Some women know all the signs you just mentioned and how to manipulate it. A woman will take her secret to the grave and nobody will ever know she cheated, men are not as efficient.

    2. Dat_sxy_sag

      Well taking your phone with u to the bathroom because I take my phone with me to the bathroom sometimes to surf the net and avoid being bored. I don’t do it all the time but I do it sometimes so I don’t think that statement is completely true.

  6. Lakeshiarainey

    You really hit the nail on the head with this one. I read both and I believe it all boils down to poor communication! If couples would learn to 1) effectively communicate their expectations of one another, 2) effectively set boundaries, 3) love in their partner’s “love language “, 4) keep their relationship business to themselves, and 5) respect each other to the fullest cheating would come to a hault!

  7. I agree with some stuff you say, but on this particular instance you are absolutely wrong. There are NO perfect people so based on these reasons, EVERY SINGLE Man and Woman in the world could be cheaters. Ladies you are beautiful but NOT perfect, something on you is NOT perfect so the Man could say you are not good enough, the same goes for ANY man you date. All of this is Crap! People cheat because they want too, and that is it. The biggest problem with cheating is people selecting their mates for the WRONG reasons like the size of their package, size of their breast, etc., etc., etc., instead of what will make you happy long term.

    Anyone that has been married for a long time could tell you at the end of the day most of that superficial stuff will NOT matter. God made most people average in most ways for a reason, so if you are a Man or a Woman that wants more than average you are working against yourself. FACT: On a sexual note, we men know what we have, so if we think we are better we know it and we will be sharing it with as many people as possible, especially if we don’t love you. The same goes for women, research has shown Women will breast enhancement sleep around more, because they need to show off. This also goes for many other body parts.

    Lastly what makes this so STUPID if you find a Man or Woman lacking in certain areas, and you love him or her, you can just BUY IT nowadays. Now for the biggest reason why people have problems in their relationships, they are STUPID worrying about everything that doesn’t matter.

    1. Marshall the article is saying why a person “should” cheat but what factors play into it. To say people just cheat because they want to is in my opinion very misguided. Most cheating occurs because a void exists in that persons life and they are looking for ways to fulfill it or in their mind cope with it. Yes nobody is perfect but if your woman is left consistently not satisfied sexually, emotionally, and mentally then you contribute to that door (cheating) being cracked open. Yes they should take a better approach of talking to their mate or just leaving but unfortunately this does not always happen. The point of the article is to understand what contributes to the problem. It is the persons responsibility to not cheat but it also their partners responsibility to not neglect their needs in a relationship.

      1. justsaying

        I’m listening to the reasons women cheat and I must say that agree with your opinion on the matter. However, why is it whenever men cheat, there is no understanding or looking at where the woman “came up short”. The only message that is sent is ” he is no good, leave him”. I understand its wrong no matter what. But we get really quiet when addressing the issues that drive men to cheat and dismiss it as purely sexual. And women also ASSUME that just because they are a female that their sex is good. That is not the case. Not all women are created equal. But I do think that both sides should work out any issues they have before cheating.

  8. Byena Warren

    I don’t agree with cheating. I definitely think its tacky to sleep with multiple partners at the same time… But!!! That diverse group of friends leaves room for more reason. Sometimes it isn’t all about what a partner is or isn’t doing. Sometimes its because the female really enjoys sleeping with multiple people. These woman really have a man complex. They need to feel wanted and fulfilled sexually to often. It’s sad but true. I don’t judge, but I don’t bite my tongue either.

  9. KindredSpirit

    People always ask, why cheat? It CAN and DOES happen. Is it ok, no. Do people get hurt? Yes. Just as it is mentioned above, I agree wholeheartedly. I’d never go into detail, but I speak from experience. I’m not commenting on something I’m unfamiliar with. The key to stopping cheating before it starts is to be honest, completely honest about your needs and desires. Leave no stone unturned. Have the confidence to end something that’s just not right. Women, know you’re worth. Demand that every area of your life be fulfilled with your husband/boyfriend and you won’t, even if you’re curious, cheat.

  10. Joslyn Adams

    Wow! That is the truth served on a silver platter.

  11. Shirley Chau Suk Ming

    Totally agree.

  12. can't stand kowing she's cheating. She had better broke up with me than cheat.

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