why women cheat while man back is turned

Women Cheat Too: 3 Reasons Why Women Cheat

So last week I broke down my view as to why men cheat. Naturally it wouldn’t be fair to only talk about the men, without properly addressing why women cheat as well. Anything you saw on the men’s list can easily be applied to some women as well. Let’s take a look at some different reasons why women cheat. I’m interested to see if any women attempt to argue my upcoming points. Fell free to express your view by leaving a comment. Either way, let’s get to some of the reasons women cheat.

Your “Package” Is Too Small

I’m sure that got your attention, and though it may be true in some cases, I don’t want to minimize the reason to just that. I will clarify and say that a woman being left sexually dissatisfied definitely pushes her towards allowing herself to cheat. It happens a lot more than you think. What do you expect? A woman has needs, even when some act like “it’s not that serious”. Though sex is not completely a physical thing for women, the physical aspect is still enjoyed by many. So therefore leaving her unfulfilled in that area will allow for her temptations to look more enticing. Let’s face it, it’s not like a woman doesn’t have plenty of options if she really wants to cheat.

She Is Emotionally Unfulfilled and Lacking a Connection 

Unfortunately, well depending on how you want to view it, women approach sex as a physical act as well as an emotional one. A lot of times you find women in relationships where they have a lack of a connection with the man they are with. In that, they suffer from not feeling as loved and desired as they would want to be. They aren’t receiving the quality time they hope for, and not being tended to the way they would like. So with this, the door gets swung wide open for another man to fill that void. Though the intention is to simply fulfill the emotional needs, this act naturally tends to lead to sex because I already stated, sex is an emotional act for women as well. When a woman is vulnerable, it can simply take the right circumstances to push her into another mans arms and then into his bed (or couch, car, kitchen counter…you get the point).

Some Women Cheat Because They’re Curious

Yes, don’t believe the hype that the only reason women cheat is when they aren’t happy at home. That’s just not always true point blank period. Yes, I believe that being unhappy is the main issue in most cases but there are plenty of women who just want to try some new “stuff”. We could make the case that she isn’t really in love with who she is with, but still, it isn’t always unhappiness pushing her to the next “experience”. Some women cheat just to try out something different/new or give in to the sexual temptation at the moment. If the scenario is one that makes them feel like they can get away with it, then they may be willing to do it. Unlike men, women take their secrets to the grave and know how to properly hide their “wild times”. Seriously, you could be sitting next to the most scandalous woman you have ever known, and never come close to knowing it.

All in all, some reasons women cheat are similar to men with a few variations here and there. Women are as guilty as men when it comes to cheating. Their ability to hide it much better has allowed more emphasis to be placed on men. What I stated today is not to condone this behavior, I’m just simply telling you what it is. If we start to make better choices about who we choose to be in a real relationship with, then I believe we can minimize, probably not eliminate, but minimize the frequency that men and women cheat. Because lets face it, many men get into relationships with a disregard to a woman’s feelings and not understanding and accepting their proper role in that relationship. Many women get into relationships due to impatience, bad choices, and simply settling for a man they have no business being with in the first place. Neither of those reasons bring us any closer to more happier, faithful, and fulfilling relationships. I just hope we can do better, change that, and make it less likely for people to cheat.