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3 Reasons Why You Should Call & Not Send A Text Message

woman on phone wont send a text message

“LOL”, “WTH”, “WYD”, and the list goes on. Most of you are familiar with these acronyms partially thanks to the rise of sending a text message. More and more people are choosing to type on their phone rather than use it for its original use, which is to verbally communicate. It can be family, friends, co-workers or lovers. The convenient choice to send a text message is growing more and more each day, but is this a bad thing? I say yes, well at least it can be. The overuse or misuse of the text message can create all kinds of issues. It may seem harmless, but here are a few things to consider when determining if you should send a text message, or if it’s just best to make a phone call.

People Still Value Verbal Communication

More and more people are taking advantage of texting, but that doesn’t change the fact that many still view it as very informal. A lot of people still want to hear a voice (at least if they like you they do) and aren’t looking to always have to read a message on their phone. It becomes more personal and easier to connect with someone when you can actually talk to them. Ignoring this reality can create a disconnection between you and the person you are communicating with. Not to mention that it can hinder people from being able to open up and have deeper discussions with you because they simply don’t want to have to type a long dialogue. So making time to actually talk more often rather than constantly send a text message can help strengthen your ability to connect with others.

Chances For Misinterpretation Are Higher

One of the biggest problems with texting is that it is very easy for people to take things the wrong way. Tone gets lost in text and leaves it up to the receiver to assume the attitude in which you are talking to them. That can be a recipe for disaster as I have seen many texts that were not meant to be taken in a negative way, turn into a much bigger problem. So one of the best things to do is to leave the texting to short quick statements, and don’t use them to express communication where the tone can completely alter how the message is received. Even with that people can then start to assume that if you are giving short quick answers that this is evidence of something not being right. It can get tricky, so use your text wisely or balance it with enough phone conversation for people to have a better feel for how you communicate.

It Can Be Viewed As A Lack Of Interest

This one here mainly applies to dating, and to be more specific it applies more to men. I say that because every time I’m a speaker at an event I always hear complaints from women about the men nowadays texting too much. Not that every woman takes issue with it, but it is clear a lot still do. There have been countless situations where women have cut men off or lost interest because of what they perceived as a lack of interest and seriousness on his part. This can go either way, and the point remains the same. When you text too much, or have a bad text to call ratio, you run a higher risk of turning someone off when it comes to trying to build a relationship. So make sure that if you prefer to text more than call, that you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t mind it at all.

There are positives for choosing to send a text message, so it’s not all bad. Ultimately it is all about finding a good balance and understanding the person you are communicating with. Discuss with people how you like to communicate and your position on people choosing to send a text message instead of calling. You may personally want to send a text message, but be mindful of when the use of it can cause more harm than good. Technology is growing more and more each day, but in my opinion the human connection that comes with verbal communication will never lose its value.  I say talk more and text less, however you have to do what works best for your situation and your relationships.

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16 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Call & Not Send A Text Message”

  1. I'm old school. I used to HAND WRITE 27 page love letters. I moved on to the computer for speed and legibility. Phonecalls are good, but you can't carry them around in your breast pocket, accidently touch them when you lean over, and be reminded that someone "loved you" enough to write.

  2. Renee Armour-Birt

    Thanks I needed to hear that.

  3. Tom Glenn

    I still write letters,sends cards,place calls to friends and family..I guess that makes me old school.

  4. Anonymous

    Texting has taken over communication as we know it!! You want to talk to me? CALL ME!

  5. Princess Peoples

    Thank you, I need to call more myself

  6. EB Davis

    I agree. I actually prefer face to face communication but second best is the telephone.

  7. Why do some men do that? Texting has its place but not when your initially trying to get to know each other. I definitely see it as a lack of "serious" interest.

  8. Mwink Gordon

    I totally agree. People want to text more than talk on the phone, I'd rather talk & text less. Texting a conversation is not good & it seems like you're not worth talking to in my opinion when people do that!! They're getting out of saying what's really important!!

  9. Niekka McDonald

    I have been in this situation. Every conversation should not be via text. There were so many things I did not understand because they took place through text instead of over the phone. I personally think it is lazy and I don’t except it. Text is fine sometimes but I prefer a phone call.

    1. Ben Goodbackground Trinidad


  10. I don't think it shows lack of interest but I do speak from experience when I tell you that text messages definitely can be misinterpreted. I can't tell you the number of times this has happened to me. It has caused huge problems with friends, family members or love interests. I believe a balance of text messaging (because there are times when it is necessary or more convenient) and phone calls is acceptable and healthy. I'm perfectly content with text messages as long as it is balanced out by phone calls too.

  11. I don't like talking on the phone never have and I prefer to text. I am very busy and texting allows me to check on kids, arrange appointments, check in with friends while still doing all of the other things I need to do.

  12. Jennifer Smith

    Absolutely. Texting is the surest way to completely misunderstand each other. Texting doesn’t deepen a relationship. Hours texting doesn’t replace time spent together – or together with friends. Texts are interpreted without benefit of body language, facial expression, tone – real meaning is missed as we read our own hopes or intentions into them. — Bombarding someone with text messages is the number one way that scammers – sociopaths – pull people in with zero effort and zero sincerity for major harm.

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